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This Mom's Clever Hack Uses Breastmilk To Reduce Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a reality for many new moms.

The truth is that these marks will become a part of you forever. While they could fade over time, usually some coloring will remain.

One mom recently shared her unique hack for helping them fade faster and it is taking the internet by storm. Apparently, all you need to combat these marks is breastmilk!

For many new moms, stretch marks are a part of your postpartum body.

It can be hard to accept them, but many women see them as a badge of honor. They're a sign that your body grew and loved your baby for nine whole months!

Thanks to movements like #ThisIsPostpartum, women are embracing their new bodies.

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But, that isn't to say it's easy by any means. And, some women feel more comfortable using remedies to fade their stretch marks. Whatever works best for you is the ideal option.

One mom claims that she has been using breastmilk on her stretch marks to reduce their appearance.

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Now, this is purely anecdotal, meaning that just because it worked for one mom, doesn't mean that it will for everyone.

That being said, breastmilk has been proven to eliminate diaper rash in babies and is used as a treatment for blocked tear ducts, so it does have some proven results in other applications.

Here's Chantelle Clarke's experience.

Facebook | Chantelle Clarke

Chantelle shared this image of her tummy to Facebook. She says she applied breastmilk to one side of her stomach after every nursing session for three weeks.

After her original photo went viral, Chantelle posted an update.

Facebook | Chantelle Clarke

She recently started doing the treatment to the other side of her stomach, and she says those marks are starting to fade, as well.

Since posting this hack, Chantelle's photos have been shared 14,000 times on Facebook.

Facebook | Chantelle Clarke

Other moms have commented to say that they've also done this and that they saw results, too.

Be sure to ask your doctor or midwife before trying this yourself. They'll know best when it comes to taking care of your postpartum body.

Some moms even posted their own before-and-after photos.

Facebook | Emily Roberts Testerman

"Y'all I made a lotion out of my milk and I used it 6 times... ONLY 6 times throughout one day and look at the difference already. Mine were horrible to start with," said Emily Roberts Testerman, a Facebook user,

Take a look at Chantelle's original post and progress photos.

If you've been looking for a home remedy to diminish the appearence of your stretch marks, this could be worth trying if it's cleared by your doctor.

If you're nursing, there's going to be a lot of milk going around the next few months anyways.

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