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Pregnant Jessica Simpson Reveals That She Had Her Fourth Hospital Scare In Two Months

Jessica Simpson is one of those rare celebs who is pretty open when it comes to her family life.

She routinely posts photos and updates about them on social media, and for her most recent pregnancy, she's shared all her milestones with fans.

Those updates include a recent post that revealed that Jessica had been in the hospital for a week with an illness. Take a look at the message she shared with her fans.

Jessica Simpson first announced she was expecting a baby girl in September 2018.

She and her husband, Eric Johnson, are already parents to their daughter, Maxwell, and their son, Ace. Soon they will be a family of five!

Since announcing her pregnancy, Jessica has shared the highs and lows of the journey.

Like a lot of pregnant women, Jessica has been very tired, which is totally understandable. She's still busy working on her fashion line and going to events all while growing a little person.

She's also had a few illnesses.

Pregnancy takes a hit on your immune system and most cold and flu drugs aren't safe for pregnant women to use. Hopefully, she's getting enough rest!

Jessica also suffered from extremely swollen feet.

She took to Instagram to share this picture of her swollen foot and asked for some advice and remedies. Elevate those feet, mama!

There was also this pregnancy-related toilet incident.

Jessica accidentally broke the lid off her toilet when she leaned back on it. Pregnancy strength is not a myth!

Even though it hasn't been the easiest journey, Jessica still threw a gorgeous baby shower for her new little girl.

She revealed that they plan on naming their new daughter Birdie! I love this name and I'm still screaming over these gorgeous shower photos.

Through it all, she's had a great sense of humor about everything.

"Tight squeeze but I'm pushin' through," she wrote in an Instagram caption. Learning to navigate your bump is one of the unexpected milestones of pregnancy.

Jessica also invested in this sleep recliner.

I'm sad to hear that she was having problems with acid reflux, but this sleep recliner looks sooooo comfy. I'm not even pregnant and I want one of these!

Even with her positive attitude, Jessica has had some scary moments during this pregnancy.

She recently revealed that she had been hospitalized for a week due to bronchitis. It was her fourth visit to the hospital in two months.

Her fans left messages of support on her photo.

Instagram | @jessicasimpson

Throughout this whole pregnancy, Jessica's fans have been super supportive and suggesting ways to make her feel better. Her fanbase has to be one of the most dedicated groups out there.

Thankfully, Jessica and Birdie are recovering and doing well.

"I am slowly getting healthier every day. Baby girl was monitored and is doing amazing!" she said in an Instagram post.

I'm so glad to hear that everyone is doing well. We can't wait to meet Birdie and are wishing Jesica and her family a safe pregnancy and delivery!