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All The Times Jessica Simpson Was Hilariously Real About Pregnancy

In case you've been living under a rock lately, Jessica Simpson is expecting her third child.

Obviously, we are so thrilled for her growing family and we've been loving all the updates Jessica shares on social media.

Throughout all of her pregnancies, Jessica has always been honest about her experiences.

Here are a few times she got hilariously real about the process of bringing a child into this world.

When she revealed her favorite pregnancy foods.

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When she was pregnant with her first daughter, Jessica revealed that she had been craving Poptarts, Kraft Dinner, and Cap'n Crunch cereal. Pregnancy will make you want the weirdest foods.

When she shared this pic of her prenatal nap.

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Jessica looks so cozy while she catches up on some much-needed sleep. If I could have hibernated for my entire pregnancy, I definitely would have.

Showing off her "Nutella smile".

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Jessica shared this funny pic right before she enjoyed a Nutella pastry. Mmmmm... I'm not even pregnant but I could go for some Nutella right now.

When she owned the pregnancy waddle.

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"Just own the waddle. That is my strut," she said in an interview to Entertainment Tonight.

If anyone could own the pregnancy waddle, it would be Jessica. She has it down to a science and always looks amazing.

When she shared this New Year message.

Even though she can own the waddle, I know all pregnant women look forward to when they finally get to meet their little baby. Having a waist again is a nice perk, too.

When she showed off her swollen feet.

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Most pregnant women can relate to this picture. Jessica's feet were very, very swollen and she took to social media to ask for some home remedies.

She finally opted for cupping.

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Jessica shared an update with fans and revealed that she was using cupping therapy to try and combat the swelling. I hope, you're feeling better now, Jessica!

When she joked about this "tight squeeze".

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Jessica posted this picture of her and her bump trying to get in between two parked cars. Oh, Jess. I feel for ya.

When she bought her own sleep recliner.

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Jessica has suffered from reflux with her pregnancies before. With her most recent pregnancy she decided to invest in a sleep recliner, and honestly, this looks like a brilliant idea.

When she broke her toilet.

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Jessica posted this picture of her broken toilet with the caption, "Warning... Don't lean back on the toilet when pregnant."

On the bright side, at least she'll have a new baby AND a new toilet.

That time she opted for alphabetic icing for her swollen feet.

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Look, when your feet get to the size of hers, I don't think you'd be too picky about what you're usin'.

When she embraced her massive belly during Halloween.

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She and her boo-thang dressed up as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito from the 1988 film Twins. LOL.

Or, when she took a romantic walk through the rain to fight her number one enemy.

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"Walking in the rain to fight insomnia ☔️"

When she really went all out, and stayed out past her bedtime.

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"Staying out past 7pm" she wrote, which is honestly a mood.