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These Vintage Bridesmaids' Dresses Show That Wedding Fashion Has Changed A Lot

Bridesmaids go by many names: a bride tribe, a squad, the "I Do" crew. Whatever you call them, these ladies have their bride's back and will do whatever they can to make her day special.

Usually, that involves wearing a dress of her choosing which may or may not align with the individual bridesmaid's sense of style.

These vintage photos prove that bridesmaids have been going above and beyond and wearing some very questionable frocks over the years for the sake of a happy bride.

Where do I begin?

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The hats? The capes? The tiered skirts? There's a lot going on with these dresses. It's a little overwhelming to take it all in. I do like the color, though.

A rainbow of bridesmaids

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I get what this bride was trying to achieve and there's no denying that these dresses added a splash of color to the wedding. They're just a little bright for my taste.

Are those hand warmers?

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I'm not sure how I feel about bridesmaid dresses that take their inspiration from A Christmas Carol. I love Christmas and I love weddings, but I don't think this was the right execution on that theme.

Those capes, though.

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Okay, maybe I'm weird but I actually like the capes on these dresses. Capes are making a huge comeback right now. Who doesn't want to wear a cape?! You'd feel like a superhero all day long.

Well, these are the first bridesmaid dresses I've seen that have an apple on them.

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Those skirts look very similar to the tablecloth my mom uses at Thanksgiving. That's not an insult, by the way. I really love Thanksgiving, so these dresses get a thumbs up from me.

Green florals are not an easy look to pull off.

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I've got to hand it to these women because olive green and pale blue are not easy colors to pull off no matter what decade you're in. I actually think they nailed it.


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I have never encountered a dress with a hood, let alone one that has a fur trim on said hood. This is taking bridesmaid dresses to a whole other level.

Have you ever seen bridesmaids with butterfly wings?

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I don't think this trend ever caught on, and that's probably for the best. It looks magical and all, but I can't imagine that those wings were very practical.

When did bridesmaids stop wearing hats?

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So many of these photos feature hats, and I think it might be time to bring them back. Bridesmaids need protection from the sun, too.

Flower power

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In case you didn't notice, the bridesmaids are all wearing gloves to match their floral dresses. I'm sorry, but it really does look like they just finished weeding the garden.