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14 Strange, Creepy, And Kind Of Haunting Things People Stumbled Upon

I startle really easily. Like, if my dog licks my hand and I don't know she's there, I'll probably scream. I've been in an abandoned house once and we stumbled upon some things that fit every category of strange, creepy, and definitely haunting. I ran out of there as fast as I possibly could have.

But none of those things were quite as weird as the list here. I definitely will not be going on any deep sea adventures, searching through abandoned houses, or looking in my walls or basements anytime soon.

1. I have so many questions about this.

Reddit | WhileTrue_

A Redditor found this guy (and the toilet?) 30m under the sea. Did the teddy bear and toilet get thrown overboard at the same time? Or did they separately come to find each other?

2. Reddit user erikaatheistsen182 found this secret door in her bedroom, and WHAT?!

Reddit | erikaatheistsen182

Apparently that's where the water heater is located, but that seems a bit fishy to me. Still waiting to hear if she ever found monsters or ghosts. I'll keep you updated.

3. I might actually rather see a ghost in my attic than stumble upon this.

Reddit | Reddit

As someone who is absolutely terrified of bees, wasps, hornets, you name it, I'm so not down for this.

4. You're walking along the beach, picking up shells and rocks, and you stumble upon this.

Imgur | Imgur

I would probably pick it up, drop it, and scream. It still has freaking teeth.

5. Definitely one of the less creepy items on this list, but still pretty darn weird.

Reddit | Wolfhole

This grasshopper isn't even the color of grass. Unless it's from a mystical world where grass is pink. That's totally a place I'd want to live.

6. Someone found a beat up Nintendo Classic washed up on the beach.

Imgur | Imgur

Do you think if you put it in some rice that it would still work? I mean, things were built to be resilient back in the day.

7. A Reddit user found this on the side of the road. 

Reddit | royalspork

What's particularly strange about this one is why it was hidden inside a soap carton from a very specific hotel. I need to know more.

8. It would definitely be pretty weird to pack up the backseat of your car and find this growing out of your seat.

Reddit | numb3r1Sp0rts_fan

It kind of reminds me of Baby Groot, awww.

9. This can of Coke was found under some floorboards in a house in the U.K.

Metro | Will Unwin

The can of Coke dates back 1991, making it almost 27 years old. According to Metro, the man who found it actually cracked it open and drank it.

10. This is definitely Kind of beautiful, but also very strange.

Reddit | Littlegriznaves

It almost looks like an art installation, but it's probably actually witchcraft. Apparently it's the result of snow in May in Colorado.

11. Can you imagine going for a morning hike and running into this? 


It's kind of beautiful and creepy at the same time. I don't know why, but whenever anything starts to become part of the forest it lives within, I get goosebumps.

12. This was found inside an abandoned house, and NOPE. NO WAY. 

Reddit | GrahamSaysNO

Apparently it's just some artwork, but I'd be running in the other direction before anyone had a chance to breathe.

13. A Quora user found this large bone while building their house in the countryside. 

Quora | Quora

They have no idea what it is or when it's from, but I think it has something to do with Jurassic Park.

14. A Reddit user was tearing up their carpet when they found this really old game of Monopoly underneath.

Reddit | Nnewel

Did parts of it wipe off or is this what Monopoly used to look like? Creepy.

So what do you think? Weird coincidences or some sort of creepy witchcraft voodoo? I'll let you decide.

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