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James McAvoy Found A Sharpie At The Oscars And Put A Brilliant Idea Into Motion

The Oscars are super fun.

...really? Don't believe me? Okay, fair enough, it's easy enough to see the awards ceremony as a four-hour self-congratulatory process for the year's most insufferably Oscar-baity movies. But seriously, if you can look past that stuff — sometimes it's hard, I know — there are plenty of reasons to enjoy Hollywood's biggest night.

The key is bringing all the celebs together.

Celebrity watching and red carpet prognosticating are guilty pleasures for lots of people. Awards shows give us the unique opportunity to see our favorite stars interacting with each other.

There have been plenty of memorable moments in years past.

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Who could forget Ellen's epic celebrity selfie from the 2014 Oscars? This photo pretty much blew up the internet a few years back, garnering a cool 3+ million retweets on Twitter.

This year's ceremony had no host.

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As a result, presenters had to do a little more heavy lifting than usual to keep the show running smoothly. One such presenter was Danai Gurira, better known as Michonne, from The Walking Dead.

Gurira was on stage with James McAvoy.

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You probably know him from somewhere, whether it's an X-Men movie or Deadpool 2. But viewers weren't particularly interested in the category McAvoy and Gurira were introducing — they were fixated on McAvoy's accent.

You see, James McAvoy is Scottish.

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There's something about accents from the British Isles that melt everybody's heart. Since McAvoy doesn't always use his natural Scottish brogue in his movie roles, viewers were surprised to hear his real accent at the Oscars.

McAvoy made a big impression.

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He actually left the show a bit early. But before he left, he enlisted some of his celebrity friends in an awesome, impromptu scheme — one that's as charitable as it is fun.

It's all because of a random red Sharpie.

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Now, we don't know what the Sharpie was used for, or where he found it. But however he came across it, he hatched the plan to get everybody to sign his crisp white shirt.

He documented his adventure.

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Thanks to the magic of Snapchat (and, in turn, thanks to the magic of people who save notable Snapchat vids), we can see McAvoy detailing his plan as it happened.

It was quite the idea.

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All it required was a Sharpie (found) and a white shirt (worn). From there, he just needed to get some of his fellow stars to play along and put their John Hancock on his shirt.

It's all for a good cause.

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It's a funny enough idea on its own, but McAvoy's smart enough to know that an Oscar-worn shirt with celebrity autographs has to be worth a few bucks to somebody out there.

Before long, the shirt was covered.

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I'm not exactly an expert in identifying celebrity autographs, but it's clear that, whoever the signatures belong to, there were quite a few of them on his shirt by the end of the night. In the video, McEvoy says Sam Rockwell, Charlize Theron, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, and Amy Adams. WHOAAAAA.

Eventually, he bounced.

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He may have left the awards a bit early, but it was a big night: presentation at the podium, multiple Insta and Snapchat stories and a profoundly original idea for a good cause.

Who gets the shirt?

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No idea yet, but McAvoy is a supporter of Ronald McDonald House, as per his Insta bio. This charity helps families during hospitalization, and is a great cause to support.

So yeah, he's the greatest.

If the acting doesn't do it for you and if the accent doesn't do it for you, his originality and commitment to doing good deeds has to do it for you. Right?

Check out the video for yourself!