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Tattoos Inspired By Vintage Pyrex Patterns Are The Granny Chic Trend Of The Moment

When it comes to tattoo designs, inspiration can come from anywhere.

Some people get tattoos in honor of loved ones, or to pay tribute to a favorite activity. Then, there are those people who get tattoos in honor of their favorite cooking accessories.

You read that right. People are turning to their trusty Pyrex bowls and containers for some unconventional tattoo inspiration. It might sound odd, but the results are actually really gorgeous.

Chances are you've seen Pyrex dishes and even own a few in your home.

These dishes were essentials in many of our homes growing up and were recognizable thanks to their unique floral designs.

Now people are turning those classic patterns into one-of-a-kind tattoos, and honestly, I'm loving these looks.

One of the first things people associate Pyrex with is their floral designs.

These stylized flowers came in a variety of colors and, for me, personally, they instantly bring back memories of home whenever I see them. No wonder so many people are getting them as tattoos!

Who could forget this iconic bowl?

This red and orange design is known as the Friendship design and I feel like everyone had this bowl in their house when they were growing up. I'm loving it as a colorful tattoo that showcases some fresh fruit, too!

People are even getting matching tattoos with their friends who also love all things Pyrex.

These two tattoos took inspiration from the classic Butterfly Gold Pyrex collection. The flowers look amazing in black ink and work perfectly as a small wrist tattoo. Time to book a tattoo appointment with your bestie!

In case you haven't clued in yet, people are very passionate about Pyrex.

These tattoos might seem a little odd, but there is a whole community of people who collect vintage Pyrex. The designs are iconic and are perfect for anyone who wants a vintage-inspired tattoo.

Besides inking the designs from vintage Pyrex, some are getting tattoos of the dishes themselves.

How cute is this Butterfly Gold cup with a chicken nesting in it? This tattoo makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Or what about this tribute to the Primary Color collection?

The Primary Colors Pyrex bowls debuted in 1945 and are still as cool today as they were back then. Some styles are so timeless, including these bright bowls.

The classic Gooseberry pattern.

The Gooseberry Pattern came out in 1958 in pink and black editions. It remains a favorite for collectors and also works as a stunning and unique tattoo!

So what do you think?

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If you're looking for an eclectic tattoo design, look no further than your kitchen cupboards. These tattoos are the definition of granny chic and I think Pyrex just inspired the next tattoo trend!