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Ariana Finally Juiced Us On Her Thoughts About Ex Pete Davidsons' New GF

Guys, it's only February and yet it feels like 2019 has already taken us on such a roller coaster of emotions.

From witnessing Adam Levine's nipples at the Super Bowl halftime show, to the Insta egg breaking the Internet (rip humanity) I've been worn out.

While we're all recovering from the marathon month that was January, Ariana has continued to ride the wave of career success 2018 brought her.

I swear she's the only person that made money last year.

Me? Absolutely not.

Ari made her money known with the release of her music video for "7 Rings" which is a total bad bish bop.

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I want it, I got it.

I want it, I got it.

I want it, I got it.

Some of my favorite and most iconic lyrics are as follows:

"Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines/ Buy myself all of my favorite things"

"Rather be tied up with calls and not strings Write my own checks like I write what I sing, yeah."

Ugh. We're gagging on her eleganza.

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Ari also just dropped her second album in six months titled "thank u, next."

Obviously, it's full of hawt jams.

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Her newest single "breakup with you girlfriend, i'm bored" is the most relatable piece of literature i've ever heard.

It's speaks to our generation on a spiritual level.

The album is obviously inspired by her roller coaster relationship with comedian Pete Davidson.

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The couple broke up in October 2018 after being engaged since the beginning of their relationship in May around August ish 2018.

We've been waiting on this album for a hot minute, even though it came out so fast lol.

The album is raw and emotional and vulnerable.

Ari never hides her feelings, and that goes for discussing her ex mans' new lady thang.

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Ari literally DGAF anymore, so that's a new vibe.

Speaking of her ex-man, Pete Davidson has been making headlines with his romantic rendezvous.

Most recently, he's been spotted out on the town with British babe-show Kate Beckinsale.

I mean, I love this for him. I would absolutely date either one of them, tbh.

But of course, fans were dying at the two completely different vibes the couple was serving.

The Internet has taken this hand holding moment and has gone full throttle elementary school on it.


People are mad impressed with Pete. He's managed to date two insanely talented and beautiful women in less than a year.

Diamond dick is the only rational explanation.

Not everyone was impressed with the pair, because there's just no pleasing the people.

Remember a few years back when he was just the newbie on SNL, making us niche comedy fans heartthrob?

And now he's out and about with A list ladies!

Once these pictures leaked, fans were dying to know what Ari thought of it all.

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Because she's BAE and we must protect her at all costs.

And if "thank u, next" tells us anything about Ari, she's just effing grateful for her ex.

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And after she just popped off on Twitter after accusing the Grammy's of slander, we knew it wouldn't be long until we heard about.

TMZ caught Ari entering the studio and obvs the nosey paps had to ask what she thought of Pete's new love interest.


Her response?


She says it so fast you might miss it, but if you just listen to our song bird closely you'll catch it.

Some fans weren't surprised Ari was so chill about discussing her ex.

I think Ari is just happy to see Pete doing amazing, sweetie.

Other fans just aren't convinced Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale are actually hooking up.

Is it a PR stunt?! COULD IT BE?

I feel used.

And some people just want to know what is an Ariana Grande, which... valid.

I mean, valid if you're over the age of 35 and/or have been living under a physical rock.

Now that we've discovered this true tea, I think it's time we stop asking Ari about Pete and his BDE.

We love moving on.

This is the year we've been waiting for, Ari. This is your Britney Spears 2000 transformation.

And fans will be gagging the whole year long.

And if me telling you 2019 is Ari's year doesn't convince you enough, NASA agrees with me.

And NASA is like, space. So, Ari is like our universe.