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This Egg Beat Kylie Jenner For The Most Liked Post On Instagram

Well 2019 is off to quite the start — and honestly, why am I even surprised? Maybe 2019 will be the year the h8ters win, and the Kardashian/Jenner clan will be dethroned as social media mavens.

Waaaaaaay back in February 2018, Kylie Jenner broke the WORLD RECORD for most liked Instagram photo with this pic her baby, Stormi Webster.

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Which really is a beautiful picture that makes me weep.

Since then, some photos have come close to dethroning Kylie, like this one of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin.

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At nearly 14 million likes, the couple came close to the world record after announcing their marriage with this cute pic.

For nearly a year Kylie remained on top — until there was a new star in town. This is 2019 man, crazy times.

Instagram | @world_record_egg

User @world_record_egg created their account on January 4th. The egg had a dream. A big dream. A dream to become the world record holder for the most liked Instagram post.

The goal was clear. The image was even clearer.

Instagram | @world_record_egg

The description read: Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this!

The egg tagged all of social media's key players.

Instagram | @world_record_egg

The Ellen Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Buzzfeed, Ladbible, Youtuber Pewdiepie and Jimmy Fallon are just a few of the tags.

Some thought it would've taken weeks for the egg to reach over 18 million likes, but nah b. It didn't.

Though try as Kylie stans may have...

You know there's a bunch of young, impressionable teens speed liking all of Kylie's posts, rn.

BUT LOOK! It only took 10 DAYS!

Instagram | @world_record_egg

On January 13th 2019, the egg surpassed Kylie Jenners most liked pic' of all time, and it was obviously a cause for celebration.

The picture just CRACKED 31 MILLION LIKES.

To celebrate here's a 2012 gif of Selena Gomez cracking and frying an egg. Remember when she had the most liked Insta photo of all time?

The egg has also had a lot to say, which I mean is fair as it is their *special* day and all.

Instagram | @world_record_egg

"We're only just getting started" the egg said, proudly.

Then a few hours later they posted THIS onto their story!

Instagram | @world_record_egg


Considering that social media is the bread and butter of the Kardashian legacy, I'm sure Kylie's sisters aren't too *thrilled* about the whole thing.

Youtube | E! Entertainment

Understandably because I too would be upset.

Their Instagram accounts have taken years to build up. Years to create the perfect aesthetic. Years to gain millions of likes.

Instagram | @kyliejenner

And this egg just came in here like they owned the place.

The egg has become a full on Insta celeb, and we know that because of how many times it's been meme'd, lol.

Instagram | @cleanmemesforthesoul

Here is the egg on Ellen. Classic Insta fame move.

We love a meme revival when the time is RIGHT.

Instagram | @adam.the.creator

The internet really came together for this egg, and for that I say thank you very much!

Who would ever do such a thing?? Who doesn't want to be a part of history?!

Unsplash | Karsten Winegeart

1 like = 1 prayer for the universe!

And that's the true tea!

Do I feel good about how many times I refreshed the egg post? No. But do I regret it? Absolutely NAWT.

We are all the egg men, amirite? (TIMELY BEATLES REFERENCE!)

Aren't we all just underdogs trying so desperately to be Insta famous?!


Humpty Dumpty can never catch a break, you guys! Honestly #justicefordumpty!

Well this ends that age old debate, doesn't it?

Thank you, Kylie, and thank you egg, for helping us solve a timeless riddle.

It's now Wikipedia official, so...

And if we know anything, it's that Wikipedia never lies to us.

Kylie even liked the pic of the egg! What a good sport!

People loved Kylie's show of support! See?! No hard feelings! MATURITY, PEOPLE!

But then, she actually posted a video seemingly attacking the egg! Is Kylie calling the police? Is she actually butt-hurt at the egg? Is it all a joke?

Someone call Kris! Momma Kris can help us!