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15+ Celebs Who Went To Prom With Their Fans

If I could go back in time to my prom, there are a lot of things that I would change. For instance, my bright green dress that didn't flatter any part of me, or the color of my hair— that was firetruck red for some reason.

Yes, I had red hair and wore a green dress to my prom, and yes I looked like I was advocating for the commercialization of Christmas. I've moved past it.

Mainly, I wish that I was creative enough back then to develop some kind of scheme to get a celebrity to take me to prom like all these other teens managed to do.

Demi Lovato.

Twitter | @DemiLovato

Even though Demi ended up becoming a major pop star, she kept her kindergarten promise to her childhood BFF, Nolan Narddechia, and went to prom with him in 2010.

I would redo all four years of high school, with the sole purpose of getting Demi Lovato to take me to prom.

That's how badly I want Demi to be my prom date. I would sacrifice four years, again, endure all the bullying, awkwardness, and acne, just to get the chance.

Taylor Swift.


Taylor participated in MTV's Once Upon A Prom series, and went to prom with Whit Wright, a senior at Hillcrest High School in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

“So down to earth and all-American… he was unbelievably sweet.” Taylor told People.

Miley Cyrus.

YouTube | Marcie Moran

After Miley had previously turned down Matt's original promposal to her, she had a change of heart when he showed up at her concert and re-promposed shirtless onstage.

Kylie Jenner.


In 2017, Kylie took Albert Ochoa, a senior at Rio Americano High School in Sacramento, to prom.

But just when we thought this guy couldn't be any luckier, he also got to take Kylie's BFF Jordyn Woods.

He had not one, but two celebrity prom dates. Wow.

Vanessa Hudgens.

Back in 2014, Vanessa surprised high school senior, Cesar Guerrero— who was battling cancer at the time — at his prom.

"It was really nice getting to know you and to dance with you... It really meant a lot to me that you took your time off and come to my prom," Cesar wrote on Instagram.

Katy Perry.


While on a trip in Melbourne, Australia, Katy stumbled upon a high school prom and decided to crash it.

She hung out with the high schoolers for 15 minutes, took selfies, and performed Beyoncé's “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It”).

Selena Gomez.

YouTube | MileyHilary1

Sel and Demi Lovato crashed the Etobicoke Collegiate Institute prom together, and had the time of their lives. Sadly, they were asked by the school staff to leave at 11pm.

“PPP peeps I crashed a prom tonight and danced with a high school!! Amazing!! I finally had prom!” Selena wrote on Twitter.

John Mayer.

YouTube | Christopher Crook

After two years of convincing, John Mayer finally agreed to attend the Pennsbury High’s prom.

He performed three of his songs, and told the students to “go be amazing people."

Amazing advice, John.

Can you imagine dancing with your prom date to the live version of "Gravity"?

That seems like something straight out of an early 2000's romantic comedy, and I am here for it.



In 1996, Kobe Bryant hadn't been drafted to the NBA just yet. But Brandy, on the other hand, was already a platinum-selling recording artist.

“It was so much fun, although it was cameras and media there, it still felt normal to be in a school with kids my age… I really needed to experience that, and I wouldn’t if Kobe never asked me.” Brandy told TMZ.

Nina Agdal.

Originally, this 17-year-old high school senior, Jake Davidson, asked Kate Upton to be his prom date, but as expected, she turned him down.

That's when another model stepped in, and volunteered herself instead. However, the school had a strict policy about not letting anyone over the age of 21 into the school during prom, so the two had to dance outside.



Kia Chenelle, one of Tupac's biggest fans, wrote him a letter promposing to him, and to everyone's surprise, he responded by showing up at her doorstep.

On the day of the prom, he reportedly gave Kia $1500 for her dress and arrived with a limo.

Dwyane Wade.

After Dwayne declined high school student, Niocle Muxo’s promposal, he ended up surprising her at her prom, and even took photos with her and her family.

Joe Jonas.

YouTube | Jonas Brothers

After fan, Shaina, invited Joe to her school's formal, Joe counter-offered to take her to prom instead, in a [video response](( that he sent to her.

He showed up to _The Today Show_disguised, to surprise her, and it was amazing.

The Chainsmokers.

Twitter | @TheChainsmokers

Andrew and Alex of The Chainsmokers surprised students at the Huntley High School prom with a live performance, all thanks to a letter sent to them two weeks earlier by a student, inviting them.

Kellan Lutz.


In 2015, Twilight star, Kellan Lutz, took New Jersey high school student, Brianna Siciliano, to her prom.

The pair have supposedly kept in touch!

“Thank you [Kellan Lutz] for everything (I’m considering this my first date ever fyi),” she wrote on Twitter.

Victoria Justice.

In 2013, high school student, Max Whitmore made a promposal video for Victoria Justice. Low and behold, she agreed to be his date, and surprised him at his school the next day.

Jason Derulo.

YouTube | Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo made an unexpected appearance at the Culver City High School prom, giving the students the surprise of a lifetime.

He performed some of his hits on stage and crowned the prom king and queen.

Evelyn Lozada.

YouTube | HipHollywood

In 2013, Basketball Wives star, Evelyn Lozada made high school senior, Anthony Nelson’s dreams of taking her to prom come true.

Evelyn didn't have a chance to attend her own prom, because she was pregnant at the time. But she said she had the "BEST TIME EVER" with Anthony.


Technically Drake wasn't exactly anyone's date to this prom. But he did escort his cousin, Jalaah Moore, and her date, to their Memphis prom.

According to People, Drake made sure the couple rolled up to their prom in style, providing them with an all-white Rolls Royce.



Rihanna was another celebrity to try out Once Upon A Prom, back in 2007. Out of a group of dateless guys, she chose one lucky Richard.

The series Once Upon A Prom didn't last long after this, but Riri will always have photo evidence of her first ever prom experience.

Justin Timberlake.

ABC News

Okay, so he didn't exactly take someone to prom. But the Marine Corps Ball is the next best thing, right?

He surprised combat instructor, Kelsey De Santis, arriving as her date.

She later told Good Morning America that JT was a "complete gentleman."

Justin Timberlake is drool-worthy. I'm joining the Marines, just so I can go to the ball and maybe have him show up as my date.

A girl can dream, amirite? Fingers crossed!