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Fans Share Stories Of Celebrity Encounters That Turned Out Better Than Expected

Getting to meet your celebrity heroes, either by total accident, or at an organized meet and greet can be awkward, nerve-racking, and it more than likely never plays out the way you always imagined in your head.

I know this for a fact, because of the one time I met Taylor Swift back when I was 13, I made eye-contact with her, screamed, cried and ran away. Took me a whole 20 minutes to gain my composure.

Luckily these people have way better, more cinematic-like stories.

The time Leonardo DiCaprio was the real life "Great Gatsby."

I didn't know how badly I wanted to take a shot with Leonardo DiCaprio until this very moment.

Officially adding this to my bucket-list.

Is it weird that my crush on Jimmy Fallon just got taken to the next level?

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I can now rest assured that Jimmy Fallon is just as loveable in person as he is on his late night show. It's not an act, he really is just that amazing.

Call me unhygienic, but If Lady Gaga ever held my hand, I would never wash it again.

Lady Gaga is such a pure soul. This just made my day.

The time Demi Lovato got engaged to a five-year-old.

YouTube | Ana Perez

A five-year-old boy named Grant was invited on stage at Demi Lovato's concert, where he proposed to her, and she said yes!

I don't think meeting a celeb could go any better than this.

The Fonz is still cool AF.


If you get the chance to meet the real life Fonzie, I envy you.

If you're too young to have ever watched Happy Days, you really missed out.

But if not, then need I say more? Henry Winkler was cool then, and he's still cool now.

If this happened to me — even if I wasn't planning on becoming a fashion designer, I would do it just because Donatella Versace said she believed in me.

She is goals.

Getting to sit down and share a plate of food with Anthony Bourdain must have been an absolute honour.

If it were me — with my luck — I'd be eating something really lame and basic, like chicken nuggets, or grilled cheese, and the late, great, Anthony Bourdain would've been like "yeah, no thank you."

When Kelly Clarkson hugs you tighter than your own mother does.

Twitter | @AlyseWhitney

Kelly Clarkson really does seem like the kind of nurturing, kindhearted person you'd want to give you a hug.

This will warm your heart.

I love to hear about celebrities going above and beyond what is expected of them when they're doing meet and greets with fans. This one is especially sweet, given the circumstance!

Having gotten the chance to meet the one and only Robin Williams must have been a true honor.

He was one of the greats!

I'm going to go watch Flubber now and cry.

Okay, this one is officially my favorite celebrity encounter of all time.

Twitter | @midmarauder

First of all, I love that he told someone to "[expletive] off" and then proceeded to take a photo with his grandmother.

Secondly, I love that the grandmother told Danny to take his hat off for the photo. What a gem.

Gina Rodriguez was raised right.

Twitter | @rachel_is_here

It's nice to know that all the fame and riches hasn't gone to Gina's head yet, and that she's still as down to earth as ever, treating everyone with the same respect.

When your new cellphone wallpaper is a photo of you and Patrick Stewart.

If you're a fellow Star Trek fan, or Trekkie, then you know how bit of a deal this is.

This is major.

When Stevie Wonder gives you a hug.

Stevie Wonder is a living legend. I would be lying if I said I wasn't incredibly jealous of this girl getting to meet him.

Am I the only one who read this in Dolly Parton's voice.

Dolly is a national treasure, I don't care. Being in her presence is the real American dream.

When you're casually singing along to a Beyoncé song in a private karaoke room, and Beyoncé literally appears.

E! News

These girls were definitely not expecting Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland to be in the next room while they were probably butchering one of her songs, let alone to come say hello and sing along with them.

I'm screaming. This is the greatest story.

Who knew Keanu Reeves had such a natural knack for modelling.

Very interesting and memorable choice of pose. I'm going to start posing like this in all of my Instagram photos from now on.

Hoping I'm seated next to the Obamas on my next flight.

Can I put in a request to all airlines that I be seated next to a celeb, instead of someone who likes to use the bathroom a lot and hogs the armrest?

The time Carrie Fisher was everything we'd ever hoped she'd be in person.

I pretty much heard Harrison Ford in this tweet.

When Lana Del Rey recognizes you from social media.

Twitter | @nationalxanthem

I would probably faint if Lana Del Rey saw me in person, and knew who I was because she had seen me on social media. Then she would probably unfollow me because I'd be that chick who fainted on her that one time.

This is the most hilarious celebrity encounter of all time.

How thoughtful of Bryan Cranston to strangle a fan for a photo. What a courteous gesture!

But in all seriousness, this is amazing. Breaking Bad fans will understand.

The time Shaq wished this kid a happy birthday and told the waiters at the restaurant to get him some celebratory cheesecake.

“I met Shaq at the Cheesecake Factory in Sacramento shortly after he invested in the Kings. It was my brother’s birthday, and he said, ‘What?! Happy birthday little man!’ and shook his hand. Then he said, ‘Hey! Get my new friend here some cheesecake!’ He shook the rest of our hands and went on his way. Incredibly nice guy. And huge.” a fan told People Magazine.

This would be really awkward if the person didn't actually know anything about baseball.

Baseball is a big thing in Cleveland. But I'm sure not everybody watches it. How awkward would it be if Tom Hanks sat down with you and started talking about baseball and you couldn't add anything to the conversation?

Luckily that didn't happen to this person, and they got to have the most beautifully candid moment with Tom Hanks ever.