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The Bratz Makeup Challenge Is Taking Over Instagram

Makeup challenges are nothing new on the internet, but this might be my favorite one yet.

If you grew up in the early 2000s, chances are that you had a Bratz doll, or if your parents wouldn't buy you one, you knew someone who did.

These dolls blew my mind when I was in middle school.

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These dolls blew my mind when I was in middle school.

Suddenly, my Barbies all seemed very uncool, and my sister and I begged our parents for these fashionable dolls with attitude.

As you can see, their makeup was flawless and oh-so-dramatic.


They made my basic Barbie dolls look like garbage.

(JK, love you Barbs xo)

They were the original Instagram baddies, let's be real for a sec.

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Now these beauty icons are getting the attention they deserve with The Bratz Challenge and I am loving all these looks.

The Bratz Challenge has become a viral trend where makeup pro's and fans alike have been transforming themselves into these iconic dolls.

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And I'm totally living for it.

The thing about these dolls was that they weren't afraid to take makeup risks.

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Look at Cloe wearing blue lipstick way back in 2002!

Is it possible that Bratz were predicting the style trends of the future?

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Or, when we all grew up, did we just start doing our makeup like them?

Even as a kid I wondered how they got their makeup so perfect.

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My experience with makeup as an eight-year-old was pretty limited, but even I was amazed by how seamless the blending on their eyeshadow was.

Bratz dolls were the original goth babes.

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I am here for this dramatic look! So trendy and ahead of it's time, tbh.

This look is a major mood.

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I think Bratz dolls gave us all the confidence and inspiration we needed to pull off gorgeous, bold makeup looks!

Besides their incredible eyeshadow, Bratz were also known for their bold lip liner.

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Yes, we were all about those contrasting lipstick/lip liner combos in the early 2000s.

How were people supposed to know you went through the trouble of lining your lips if they couldn't see it?

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What a rookie mistake!

I'm looking at you, Barbie.

The artistry involved with this challenge just totally blows my mind!

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They truly are channeling plastic princess realness.

Some people are even going as far as to dress like the dolls.

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Okay, I need to know where she found this red beret. I haven't seen one since 2004 and think my current wardrobe would benefit from one.

James Charles absolutely slayed the challenge and left us all gagging for more.

How unbelievably stunning is this?!

I'm still not cool enough to dress like a Bratz babe and I'm really upset about it. Talk about 2019 goals!

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Imagine being such a smoke show? Can't relate.

I honestly had to do a double-take because she looks EXACTLY like a Bratz doll.

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Everything about this look is on fleek. Loving the highlighter and contour work for this interpretation. I'm sensing a serious passion for fashion.

Some people have taken this to a whole other level.

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A few makeup artists took this challenge one step further by drawing the Bratz doe-eyes over their own. I can't tell if this is cool or creepy.

Keep these doll-inspired looks coming! I can't wait to see what other looks come from The Bratz Challenge.

Bratz dolls were the fashionable, glamorous girls of the toy section.

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Their clothes were trendy. Their hair was to die for. We all wanted to be Bratz dolls.

So now as an adult, how fun is it to live out this childhood dream and doll yourself up — literally.

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I'm obsessed!

But don't worry, the Bratz aren't just limited to the ladies!

We love a lady's night moment, but we really love inclusivity in the plastic party!

And now they even have super chic boy Bratz dolls! How trendy is this mans?!

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Love that's he's cuter than all my ex-boyfriends!

His name is Cameron and they even have a show dedicated to the Bratz design process called "Behind The Bratz."

My childhood is quaking.

The Cameron doll even got a Bratz Challenge shout out by model and Youtuber Cooper Coyle!

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We're living for the extravaganza.

Keep these doll-inspired looks coming!

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I can't wait to see what other looks come from The Bratz Challenge! And who knows, maybe I'll try my own.