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Women Are Sharing Photos Of Their Natural Hair To Prove Going Gray Is Beautiful

In the fashion and beauty world, there always seems to be a new trend that has us scrambling to change our appearence.

From rainbow unicorn hair to mulled wine hair, it can be hard to keep up with all the changing trends.

Now, some women are choosing to ignore what's trending on Instagram and are embracing their natural beauty by showing off their gray hair.

I am loving this movement!

Even though social media dictates a lot of the trends these days, gray hair is becoming more popular because women can share their photos online.

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Hashtags like #grayhairdon'tcare and #grayhairmovement are popular on Instagram. Women can tag their photos and search others' for inspiration.

We always assume that gray hair is for grannies.

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Of course, that is not the case at all!

People can start sporting gray hair at a young age. With a modern cut, this style is a far cry from your grandma's hair.

The best thing about this movement is that it encourages women to embrace their own style.

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When it comes to fashion and beauty trends, most women feel pressured to conform to what the trends dictate. Now we can just own our own beauty!

It is also a universal look.

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People of all cultures sport gray hair, so this is an inclusive hair look. Diversity in the beauty world is so important, but a lot of current trends only work on certain hair types.

This movement also recognizes the beauty of older women.

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After a certain age, it becomes harder for models to land work in the beauty industry.

Beauty is not just confined to people in their twenties! We need more age diversity in the beauty world, too.

Honestly, gray hair is stunning and stylish.

People would pay a ton of money for this color! Once you embrace gray hair, with proper care and styling you can look like you came right off the runway.

We're so glad women are sharing their gray hair selfies.

It can be hard to accept your gray hair, but these photos are really supportive for others going through the process. Plus, it gives them future style ideas.

Let's get on board with this movement!

It's time to recognize that natural gray hair is beautiful!

It's also low-maintenance which is great news for people like me who don't have the energy to keep up with these ever-changing trends.