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People Are Posting The Hilariously Relatable Nicknames They've Given Their Pets

Maariyah Qazi 25 Jan 2019

After my family, there's no person or thing I care about more than my dog, and that sentiment seems to be pretty consistent for most dog owners. The thing about pets in general is that we as humans don't just tolerate them — we love them.

And with that love comes a lot of craziness —hundreds of dollars in vet fees, long walks during ice-cold winter nights, and sometimes, the most ridiculous collection of nicknames.

Twitter user @metroadlib tweeted their own little list of names for their pup, and it seems to have sparked a twitter trend.

Twitter | @metroadlib

Dozens of other pet owners joined in, and the nicknames streaming into our Twitter feeds are amazing to say the least.

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Dogs aren't the only kinds of pets getting their love shared around.

Twitter | @alketrolyat

"Is it done in a high pitch voice? I speak to my cats (and all cute things) in the high pitched “ZOMG a kitten/puppy!” voice" one person asked.

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Look at that face!

Twitter | @adotsaint

One of the cutest things about this trend are people realizing new nicknames for their own pets. Another person replied, "My dog was named koda too and I would call her kodes! Let me add kodog to it too."

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We're here for the uncommon pets too!

Twitter | @CarmelSlade

Krystal summed up our feelings about this lil' baby pretty well, "Omg the level of cuteness is more than I can handle."

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Ferrets need love too.

Twitter | @ATomato - Twitter

Technically it seems like his name is The Big [insert word], but regardless I wanna give The Big Stink a pet — he's so cute!

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Okay the name of this dog is iconic as heck.

Twitter | @tsakellis

These nicknames are pretty cute, but that emoji edit on the right is even cuter, and I'm kind of jelly that it has an emoji crown, yet I don't. SMH.

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Fish are truly underrated pets — low maintenance icons just waiting around for flakes of nutrition.

Twitter | @EmmaHoy4

And Nigel here looks pretty darn fancy for a swimmy boi in a tiny little bowl.

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Bengal cats are basically cats that behave like dogs — it's a two-for-one, double wammy win!

Twitter | @karindailey

Lil' boobies is a major mood of a nickname — though I am very curious to know where it came from.

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Look at this grandpa-whiskers-havin' little bun!

Twitter | @_ALLYcattttt

Lil fisherman is serving so many looks right now.

Do you have any silly nicknames for your pets? Let us know in the comments, and share a photo of your fur baby!

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