Say Goodbye To Goldfish Because Jellyfish Are The New Hassle-Free Pet For Kids

When you're a kid, there are a handful of pet options your parents usually allow. A dog, a cat, and a goldfish. Of course, cats and dogs are never going to go out of style but I've always wanted a marine pet that wasn't a goldfish and I never had any options...until now.

Believe it or not, there's a new desktop jellyfish aquarium that you can have in the comfort of your own home, and it's called the Jelly Tank. At first, this seems like something out of a futuristic movie, but it's all real. Let's check it out!

The Jelly Tank was created by twins Brock and Blake Gratton after buying a more expensive jellyfish tank that was less than functional.


Brock and Blake describe their experience on their Jelly Tank Kickstarter site.

After owning the tank for less than three weeks, the tank kept sucking the jellyfish through the grates and shredding them. It was very discouraging considering the tank was not only expensive, but we were killing jellyfish. So feeling defeated by these jellyfish tanks, we set out to design and develop a sustainable tank that would keep our jellyfish happy and healthy.

Yikes. Obviously there was same major room for improvement when it came to jellyfish tanks.

Let's take a look at their creation, the Jelly Tank.

Tell me this isn't 100 times cooler than a typical aquarium you would get for a goldfish or a beta.


The Jelly Tank website mentions that the aquarium works well in the home, classroom, or office. The cool thing is that the five-gallon Jelly Tank is designed to mimic the tides and currents that allow jellyfish to move around.

To be honest, I would much rather have a jellyfish setup than a goldfish.

Not only is it more interesting, the aesthetic of the Jelly Tank would catch the attention of any guest walking into your office or home.

So it's obviously super cool, but what are we looking at price-wise?


Jelly Tank comes in a package that includes both the tank and a helpful Starter Kit for $325. It's pretty important to note that the jellyfish are not included and have to be bought separately.

As we have already seen, the Jelly Tank looks great on your kitchen counter, but what about in your office?


I mean, your meeting may be completely derailed because it looks so cool and no one will be able to concentrate, but it looks great.

The Jelly Tank even looks great in commercial spaces like hotels or restaurants


Another awesome aspect of this tank is that it's portable!

In case you have a particular color scheme in your office or at home, Jelly Tank comes in both white and black designs.


I personally prefer the white in combination with that LED light, but that's just me. The LED light actually "changes with your mood via remote control," according to their website.

Don't be intimidated by the setup required for the Jelly Tank either, their website provides detailed step-by-step instructions that make it a breeze.


Even though the jellyfish are not provided in the pack, the website kindly provides helpful tips for caring for your new Jelly Tank and the jellyfish living in it.

Let's take a look at the parts.


The overall design is pretty simple. You have that slick LED light that gives off the sweet futuristic mood, two filtration sources, and a pump that works to mimic the currents of the ocean as much as possible.

Is it the next big pet trend? Will it replace goldfish and betas? Only time will tell.

For me, jellyfish seem less like pets because they don't actually have eyes and it's not clear whether they recognize me at all. Sure, goldfish aren't exactly cuddling up with you on the couch but it will be interesting to see if this trend takes off.

Check out Jelly Tank's website for more information!