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There's A Secret Reason Why Meghan Markle Always Carries Her Own Purse

Meghan Markle becoming royalty is something that I'm just not ever going to completely get over. She's an anomaly that I can't fully come to grips with.

But what's even more amazing than Meghan going from American actress to a British Duchess, is watching her adapt to the royal family norms.

So now, we're doing some investigating. Meghan is always holding onto her own purse, and we want to know why!

There are a ton of of royal protocols in place for Meghan.

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And while for the most part, she's followed the rules. There have been plenty of times when she's decided to take a walk on the wild side, and rebel against what's expected of her.

Like the time she wore dark nail polish.

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If members of the royal family want to wear nail polish, the expected color of choice is suppose to be something neutral, and never something dark or edgy, by any means.

But Meghan threw caution to the wind, and rocked a dark dark purple polish instead.

Or the time she showed a PDA.

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Meghan and Prince Harry are often seen holding hands, or cuddling up in public, which completely goes against the rules.

Or all the times she didn't wear a hat in public.

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In the royal family it's considered to be "un-ladylike" for women to be in public with their hair completely showing. But most of the time, Meghan does not wear a hat in public.

Or the time she crossed her legs.

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For women in the royal family, crossing your legs is against royal etiquette. But once again, Meghan is totally rebelling, and we love her for it.

But there is one royal standard that Meghan is actually following.

Women in the royal family are expected to always carry their purses, but never over their shoulders.

Queen Elizabeth II uses her purse as a way of signalling to her staff.

If she puts her purse on a table, it means she's ready to go home.

If she puts her purse on the floor while speaking to someone, it means she is having an unpleasant conversation that she would like to be rescued from.

The question is, is Meghan using the same strategy with her purse?

Usually when it comes to partaking and complying to royal rules and traditions, Meghan does her own thing. But we have yet to see her with her purse on her shoulder since she's been with Prince Harry.

Coincidence? I think not.

Let's just look at the evidence.

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Here's Meghan and Harry leaving 100 Days To Peace Commemorative Concert together, in September.

Meghan is holding a black clutch in her hand, no sign of any over-the-shoulder action here.

The handle on this purse is far too small to go over her shoulder, even if she tried.

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She isn't even giving herself the slightest opportunity to divert from royal protocol with this handbag.

This handbag has the potential to go over the shoulder, but Meghan seems to be following the rules to a tee.

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Looks like she might just be warming up to the royal family rules after all!

Overall, she definitely seems to lean more towards clutches over every other kind of handbag.

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It's clear that she doesn't carry around a whole lot with her in her purses. How much could really fit in that wallet-sized purse?

If Prince Harry is ever wondering what to buy her for her birthday or Christmas, I'd say a clutch is a safe bet.

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Why not add to her bountiful collection of strapless handbags?

I guess there's no point buying purses that are meant to go over your shoulder if you're not allowed to use them, right?

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She's simply disabling herself from being tempted to throw her purse over her shoulder, by only using clutches.

I'd love to know how many clutches she owns.

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I'm pretty sure that soon enough, she could possibly be a Guinness World Record holder for largest clutch collection.

Maybe she isn't trying to follow the rules, maybe she just really likes holding her purse in her hands.

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She doesn't even seem to own many handbags that have straps. She's clearly a fan of smaller purses and clutches as opposed to cross-body satchels and totes.

So, I guess there's no way to really know for sure.

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I mean, this is all just speculation.

It's very possible that if we gave Meghan a purse with an actual strap, she might hang it over her shoulder without a second thought.

Given her track record, why would she start following royal protocols now?

She's already made it into the family, she's married to Prince Harry and pregnant with their first child together. It's not like her breaking the rules would make any difference at this point, amirite?

Maybe she just likes to keep her Chapstick close by in case of a dry-lip emergency.

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Having to rummage through a giant messy purse, trying to find lip balm is an extremely tall order that nobody wants to deal with. Not even Meghan Markle.

Maybe she's worried about getting pick-pocketed.

It would be kind of an irrational fear, but it's totally possible. Maybe she's just worried that if her purse is over her shoulder, it makes her a bigger target to be mugged.

Maybe she's just trying to take a few pointers from the queen.

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I assume that Meghan is doing her best to get on the queen's good side.

You know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Whatever her reasoning is, the queen is probably very proud.

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Even though Meghan doesn't exactly follow every royal rule in the book, I'm sure even the queen can recognize how far she's come to go from Suits actress to Duchess of Sussex.

It's possible that we're just completely overthinking this entire purse situation.

After all, it's 2019. Meghan can carry her own purse in her hands, over her shoulder, or even on top of her head. Who are we to jump to conclusions?

Keep carrying your purse however you want, Meghan. We support your clutch obsession!

The takeaway from this investigation is that Meghan is just really into small, handheld purses, and there's nothing wrong with that.

You go girl.