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'Deadpool' Trolls Hugh Jackman With Savage 10 Year Challenge Tweet

The 10 year challenge has been the first big internet trend of the year, because who doesn't want to dig up old pics from 2009 and cry? You know what else makes the people cry? A TOTALLY GNARLY DEADPOOL BURN!

But first, let's walk through the forest of the #10yearchallenge together, sweet child.

With celebrities getting involved with the trend, some of our fav social media moments of the year have been born through the challenge.

Mariah Carey, Amy Schumer and Jennifer Garner have all joined in on the fun!

The challenge doesn't just apply to people's glo-ups, though.

It can apply to a general MOOD swing in the past 10 years of hell anarchy we've been through as a human race.

The challenge has also made people *emotional* with certain collages harkening back to a difficult time.

I don't even like Harry Potter and yet I'm busting out a tissue box.

So when the Deadpool Movie Twitter account took the challenge as an opportunity to totally roast Hugh Jackman, people were shook.

The first picture on the left is a still of Wolverine from 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and the pic on the right is of Wolverine's grave from 2017's Logan.

WOAH! Too soon, man! Too soon!

Fans couldn't believe the savagery! But guess what - it didn't stop there, y'all!

The Twitter account followed up that initial tweet with more tea!

Colossus got dragged into the beef, too! His 10 year challenge collage shows a pic of him on the left, and a garbage can filled with holes on the right!

Damn, no one is safe out here!

Now it's no secret Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been in an online trolling war for years now.

Take this emotional post turned total LOLS for example!

I just hope these two keep it RESPECTFUL!

Because we all know what a good Twitter war can do to a friendship.

Let's keep it PG, BOYZ!