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Women Rocking Their Natural Gray Hair Could Be This Year's New Trend

With colorful hair trends popping up on our Instagram feeds, this one might take a few by surprise.

Instead of dyeing their hair in a neon-unicorn hue, many women are opting to keep their natural, gray color.

Especially for women who started showing their grays at a younger age, this could be a refreshing trend that showcases their natural beauty.

Instagram account @grombre is showcasing women with their natural grays.

The Instagram account has become a community for women to share their experiences of going natural with their hair. Many find it very supportive.

For some women, going gray has inspired them to experiment with their wardrobe, too.

Pairing gray hair with a bold animal print is one fierce fashion statement. I am here for this look!

A lot of women say they feel more authentic by showing off their gray hair.

Women are supposed to live up to so many insane beauty standards. For many, it can be refreshing to finally embrace their own beauty and not somebody else's ideals.

Also, did we mention that this is a low-maintenance trend?

Women are busy. We don't have time to make hair appointments and schedule touch-ups all the time. Low-maintenance beauty routines are the best, in my opinion.

Women who show off their gray hair also spread awareness about how common it is to go gray at a young age.

Gray hair is not just a sign of old age, people! Also, don't assume a woman with gray hair if she is a grandmother. I mean, really?

"Gray is freedom."

It's not just dyeing your hair that can be a constraint on your life, it's the fact that you're doing it to please other people's standards.

In many cases, going gray at an early age is a family trait.

You can think of it as a way to connect with your relatives. It's pretty cool to see how you all have this unique trait in common.

Here's to going gray this year!

I am so on board with this trend, and I think a lot of people will be, too. Let's make our natural beauty trendy and embrace our own styles.