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This Pillow Is For Anyone Who Wants To Nap Anywhere, Anytime

You have got to get your sleep in life. I know there are countless demands on your waking time, so finding the chance to sneak in 20 winks, let alone 40, can be a challenge. But you've got to get your sleep one way or another.

It's not easy with all the distractions in life — the phones ringing, the texts pinging, the traffic honking, the kids giggling/screaming/stomping, and so on. You need something to block them all out, as well as the light, while comforting your sleepy head. You need the ostrich pillow.

Okay, there's no getting around it: The ostrich pillow looks weird on your head.

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It's easy to see why people mistake you for someone who's jammed a turkey carcass on their head in public. But that's also part of the ostrich pillow's beauty.

The ostrich pillow is basically softness that wraps up your whole head, except for a spot for your mouth and nose.

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Light gets blocked out. Sound gets muffled. And there are brilliant holes on the sides where you can jam your hands as you snooze.

So it doesn't matter what time of day it is, which clients have pressing needs, or how many meetings you have scheduled — you can send reality packing and nip off to Neverland.

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And that's the whole idea behind it. As the website states, "Back in 2012, the world was suffering from a serious sleep deprivation. A clever device that would allow people to rest where they wanted, when they wanted to, needed to be invented."

Mission very clearly accomplished.

Because the ostrich pillow looks so odd, it has become popular as a gag gift.

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But the folks on the receiving end of an ostrich pillow gift often secretly come to love them. They're great for traveling, although they might guarantee you a pat-down from the TSA if you put yours on too soon, and as at least one person pointed out, "It helps that you can't really hear all the people mocking you."

The big complaint we've seen is that it can get a bit hot underneath that pillow.

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Which makes sense. And it could mess up a fancy hairdo, that's legit. Otherwise, anyone who can get over how ridiculous it looks has a pretty positive review. Admit it, you kind of want to try one, don't you? I know I do!

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