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Animal Shelters Are Swaddling Kittens Into Adorable 'Purritos' To Comfort Them

For some people, there's no way to make their hearts melt faster than showing them a cute, fragile kitten. And the rest of them would likely melt as well if someone gave them a chance to snuggle them.

In my case, this would only cause my allergies to flare up and my eyes to burn, but I can still see the appeal. And animal shelters are starting to make the little kitties look even more appealing.

Because we need some cuteness overload sometimes, Reddit user groodscom posted these swaddled kittens from an animal shelter.

Reddit | groodscom

More specifically, it was the shelter their wife volunteers at. She apparently rolled them into these little "purritos" to keep them from squirming.

However, this woman is hardly the only shelter volunteer who spends their days making purritos.

Reddit | groodscom

For that matter, there's more than one reason why people would do this. Sure, keeping them from squirming and making them feel loved and comfortable is a big part of it, but it's not the whole story.

Some shelters, like the Best Friends Animal Society in Salt Lake City, know exactly how adorable these purritos look.

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As ABC News reported, they hope the cuteness boost will not only make it easier to find people willing to adopt motherless kittens, but also make the public more aware of something called "kitten season."

Kitten season is a several-month period in which animal shelters find themselves saturated with newborn, abandoned kittens.

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The actual months vary depending on the region, but kitten season often lasts from April to October. As soon as a city starts to get warm, the kittens start flowing.

The influx of kittens are a particular problem for no-kill shelters like Best Friends Animal Society, which can end up with over 500 of them when the season hits.

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And so, the shelter's decision to release photos and videos of their little purritos seem like an attempt to give people a spoonful of sugar to help the unfortunate truth of kitten season go down.

As Holly Sizemore from the Best Friends Animal Society told ABC, "Sometimes you have to go cute to get serious information out there."

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