Here Are Ariana Grande's Most Savage Tweets Of 2018

I'm pretty sure we can all agree that our girl, Ari, has had a pretty rough go the past couple of years, but nothing has compared to this year.

Long story short, her short-lived engagement with Pete Davidson was filled with drama and ridicule from her fans that she didn't take too kindly to. Then, she split from Davidson shortly after hearing the tragic news of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller's demise.

Now she is fully committed to focusing on her personal growth, and spending time with her friends.

...But she's more savage now than she's ever been.

A fan leaked her album on Twitter less than 48 hours before releasing her latest album "Sweetener".

Twitter | @arimilart

Needless to say, Ariana was not pleased about this at all. Her album release was only two days away, and someone somehow managed to get their paws on it and reveal it to the world wide web before she could.

She immediately fired back, insulting the thumb in the photo.

1. This year was the true beginning of her internet savagery.

Twitter | @ArianaGrande

Understandably, Ari threw some serious shade at this fan for ruining the carefully planned out grand reveal for Sweetener.

Some fans, however, thought that criticizing the fan's thumbnail was going a bit too far, some even accused her of being a bully.

2. It seemed like she was getting a bit fed up.

Twitter | @ArianaGrande

As hard as it must be to be in the public eye 24/7, Ariana has been dealing with that, times 10. The fact that she's been so resilient to the drama over the last year just goes to show that this girl really has her 'ish together.

Her therapist must also be doing one hell of a job. I wonder if he's accepting new clients...

3. Before her split with Pete, she was happy as a clam.

Twitter | @ArianaGrande

4. She was posting a lot of stuff like this.

Twitter | @ArianaGrande

We could all tell how genuinely giddy and excited she was about her romance with Pete. They were so public with their relationship and seemed so happy together.

We should have known it was too good to be true!

5. And this.

For like, a month, they made me believe that love existed and that there's hope for the rest of us. Then they ripped that hope out from under me, and I'm not sure I'll ever recover.

You get the point, there was a lot of PDA.

Not that I'm complaining. I was literally obsessed with their relationship, and utterly heartbroken when they called it quits.

But it was understandable, and ultimately, it turned Ariana into the ultimate Twitter savage.

Then Pete did what Pete does best.

He made light of his breakup by turning his heartbreak into a joke onSNL by performing a skit where he asked a girl to marry him, "Hey Maggie, I'm Pete. You wanna get married?" She declines, and he says "Zero for three." under his breath.

It was very funny. Just not to Ariana.

But It wasn't the first time Pete used his failed relationship as comedy material.

At a comedy show in Los Angeles, Pete told the audience "Well, as you could tell, I don't want to be here.

There's a lot going on" he said in reference to his_very_public breakup with Ari. He then began to poke fun about having to move out of Grande's apartment. "Does anyone have any open rooms?" he added, "Looking for a roommate?"

6. That time she fired off subliminal tweets to Pete, textbook savage.

Twitter | @ArianaGrande

There's nothing more savage than throwing shade at someone over Twitter, and not even feeling the need to tag them, because you know they're lurking your profile.

Fans dissected the situation and came to the conclusion that Pete was "clinging" to relevancy by turning their breakup into a_SNL_bit.

7. And the shade continued.

Twitter | @ArianaGrande

Then she tweeted this, and none of us knew exactly what it meant at the time.

But we knew it had something to do with her recent breakup, and how she was fiercely moving on from it.

8. Ariana was keeping her eyes peeled on social media.

Twitter | @ArianaGrande

She threw some subtle shade at "Maggie" who was apart of the_SNL_skit, making fun of Pete and Ariana's breakup.

What's so juicy about this tweet, is that Ariana wasn't even tagged in it. She literally found this all on her own.

9. It was pretty clear that she was over men, and dating.

Twitter | @ArianaGrande

Can we really blame her? She's been on an emotional roller coaster, that we've all gotten to watch from a distance. If I was her, I wouldn't just be done talking to_guys_, but people in general.

10. That time she one-word answered a fan's tweet.

Twitter | @ArianaGrande

Okay, so by this point, we all knew a single was coming, we just didn't know how big of a deal it was going to be.

That being said, when a fan tweeted at her asking if a new song was coming soon, Ari answered back in the driest, most cavalier fashion.

11. Not a tweet, but there was that time she broke the internet with "Thank U, Next".

This song from start to finish is absolutely amazing. She somehow manages to throw shade by being so pure, and positive. I didn't even know that was possible.

Don't even get me started on the video.

12. Keepin' it real with her fans, as always.

Twitter | @ArianaGrande

Once the single "Thank U, Next" was on the airwaves, fans were dying to know if the video was going to be as amazing as the song.

Piece by piece, Ari dropped hints viaInstagramandTwitter, giving us subtle clues on what the video was going to be like.

But fans wanted more information, and Ari wasn't down for that.

13. "Thank U, Next" blew up the internet immediately, and she says she's "bored".

Twitter | @ArianaGrande

That is the sassiest, most savage, and most nonchalant thing she could say after releasing a video about all of her exes, that broke the internet for a brief moment.

14. From that point on, Ariana was no longer taking crap from anybody.

Twitter | @ArianaGrande

Even when the big-forehead jokes raged on, she was having absolutely none of it.

Good for her though, it really was about time she fired back. I support this, 100%.

15. Telling someone to "shut up" is so classic.

Twitter | @ArianaGrande

Ariana came to Kris Jenner's defense when an internet troll was putting in their day's work, telling them to "shut up".

Quick, snippy, effective, and most of, savage. I like it!

16. That time Ari told her fans to lighten up.

Twitter | @ArianaGrande

Not a lot of celebs take it into their own hands to announce things like this. When Ariana sees cruel comments on social media, she speaks up, and that's the most baddie reaction she could possibly have.

17. The universe was not playing.

This poor girl jinxed herself when she wrote and released "No Tears Left To Cry".

Sorry, Ari. You played yourself.

But for real, we love that song, and it's OK to cry.

18. That time she warned her fans to stay away from her dog, Toulouse.

I think this goes without saying, most of the time anyway, but you should not be approaching and trying to pet strange dogs that you don't know.

But in case you didn't know, Ari is here to tell you again.

19. That time she tweeted about getting a tweet tattooed on her.

Kind of obsessed over her IDGAF attitude right now, not gonna lie.

She just continues to level-up in every way possible, and it has me completely, irretrievably, shook.

20. This is true savage-energy at its finest.

To finish things off, here's Ari demonstrating her nonchalant, savage attitude that she's been serving to us on a silver platter all of 2018.

We are ready and waiting for her next sassy highlight reel.

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