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15+ Mishaps To Totally Ruin A Night Out

When we haven't been clubbing in a while, we might start to wonder what's kept us away for so long. The squad can't stop talking about the last time it happened, so why aren't we out making memories instead of remembering the ones we already made.

Something has to be done!

However, it doesn't usually take long before we remember why the club is what we call a "sometimes place." It still possible to have lots of fun if you're a total champion, but it's also easy to forget these not-so-fun things about going out.

It's sad to see all that time spent carefully applying makeup go to waste so quickly.

Twitter | @jamiemcnee

I guess the only silver lining to a sudden, misery-inflicting stop is that she only needs to touch half of it up?

Or cosplay as the Phantom of the Opera.

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This is definitely a reminder not to pregame so hard that you end up missing the whole party.


Sure, it's probably cheaper than whatever's going on at the club, but let's not act like it's a crime to go out and have a good time.

Plus, if you were working with another group, now they don't have reinforcements. A travesty!

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Yeah, even if this girl was trying to hear all of this, this is not the place for it.

Twitter | @VRSJMS

You know what's worse than having some drunk rando talking your ear off? Straining to hear him in a loud club despite knowing it's probably not worth it.

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We may be savvy enough to keep a close watch on our phones, but something will always end up getting left behind.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Unfortunately, most of us aren't lucky enough to find a mystery shoe lying around, so the middle picture here often seems like the only option.

It's pretty hard to dance in that.

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Sadly, some people really don't have to wonder why they haven't gone out in a while.


After all, it's pretty hard to do that outfit justice when they have to hide behind a fake mustache and a newspaper.

Although if their friends are willing to plan a covert operation for them, they define squad goals.

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When it comes to obvious reasons not to go out, this one might be a little more universal.


It costs money to hire DJs and maintain all those elaborate light displays, so having fun for free at a place that has those going on isn't really an option.

Too bad.

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This is actually a fun idea, but I don't want to hear any complaints when that hash brown gets cold.

Instagram | @cunform

I'm just saying that putting this many aesthetically pleasing shots together takes a while sober. I'm surprised this looks anywhere near this good if they're that drunk.

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Whether the night is over or just beginning, the last thing anyone needs is for this to be their Uber.

Reddit | Gustavoisreborn

Fortunately, any group will hear this monstrosity coming before they see it, so that should give them plenty of time to hide.

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So it's probably better to ditch all that hassle and take the train, right? Well...

Reddit | Iadmirejoegiudice

The problem with that is that we run the risk of exposing our shoes to this sticky, brown minefield. Feeling gross resistance with every step is definitely not cute.

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It's pretty hard to think of a party that could possibly be worth attending if it's up these stairs.

Reddit | ArtSevlee

And you know what? Maybe it's just as well. By the end of the night, those stairs would've stopped being our friends anyway.

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No matter how fun your group is, it can definitely suck to be the only one who didn't meet someone that night.

Reddit | XogliX

Fortunately, it probably won't be like this because everyone usually dances together anyway. But it doesn't mean we don't notice it when we're in this guy's position.

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When you have a wild night out, nothing completes it quite like some late night mac and cheese, right?

Instagram | @kalesalad

Well, as long as it doesn't look like this, yes. Otherwise, the only feelings we've got going on are a mixture of disappointment, hunger, and gratitude that you didn't burn the house down.

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This horse mask might be a fun accessory, but that's only true for those who can stay in control.

Getty Images | Hero Images

After all, if this year's Halloween parties have taught us anything, it's that masks and vomit should definitely not hook up.

Dressing like Bojack Horseman is a much better idea than being like him.

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Of course, it doesn't matter how lit the party is if you can't get there.

Instagram | @thebestoftumblrofficial

And even though it seems too early in the year to worry about this particular problem, somebody apparently forgot to tell nature that. Unfortunately, cute outfits aren't always warm ones.

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Sometimes, you only need to look at a conversation to feel glad that it's not happening to you.

Instagram | @will_ent

If a total stranger is making that face and using the "OK" sign aggressively at you, you're probably about to hear a rant. And you probably won't be happy you heard it.

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Depending on your squad, you might have that one friend who just can't turn their brain off.

Instagram | @pablopiqasso

Like, yes, their co-worker Larry definitely sounds disrespectful when they give him that snotty voice, but we're trying to forget all that right now and have fun. Enough!

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