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15+ People Who Can't Go On This Way

It's pretty easy to fall into a routine that doesn't work, but just seems to keep going on sheer momentum. It's like our lives can slide on the kitchen floor in their socks and just keep going until they hit another state.

But no matter how long it goes on, there comes a time when we dust ourselves off, ask Google where we are, and realize we shouldn't have done that.

Hopefully, that time will come for these people sooner rather than later.

I admire the gumption of being friendly to a place that hates you, but it might help these two to take some precautions first.

Reddit | EasternOnion27

If you wear protective football gear while you're on vacation, it makes it a lot harder for random locals to punch you. A little protip.

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I don't mean to kinkshame, but absolutely nothing seems healthy or safe about kissing public toilets.

Reddit | infectedzombieguy

Do you. But it's probably a good idea to do you in a way that doesn't make you come home with E. coli. Remember, home is where the nope is.

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Ooh, yeah. I can appreciate serious pasta cravings as much as the next guy, but this is not the solution.

Instagram | @kontheabstract

Even if this miraculously doesn't start a fire, somebody's gonna lament over all that ruined pasta soon.

If only the manager at the Olive Garden was more understanding.

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This is just cruel. I know accidents happen, but pulling a bait-and-switch like this on a customer is just outrageous.

Reddit | DerealVO1D

I need the pizza joint to trust me when I say I'm hungry enough for a large. A lot of pizzas taste better reheated, anyway.

Please don't take that away from me.

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Gah! I don't even understand what this is, but I'm pretty happy to see it get taken off the streets.


Getting jumped is already not a nice experience, so I really don't wanna live in a world where the only solution is calling the Ninja Turtles.

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I know it's horribly tempting, but I'm gonna need this person to stay strong and not do what I know they want to.

Reddit | fromplsnerf

I'm no physicist, but I'm pretty sure this will not only end badly, but it'll feel a lot more disappointing than they think.

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So this apparently isn't a scary enough sight, because I'm about to fill you in on the real horror here.

The truth is that the driver didn't put this here. Somebody attached this creepy doll to their car for reasons I probably don't wanna know.

I'm sorry to make you cry, "why?" but if I have to live with that knowledge, so do you.

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Wow, we know somebody's partying a little too hard when they don't notice their favorite band is actually the number 70.

Instagram | @kalesalad

And the worst part is that they won't be able to use their phone to piece together what happened the next morning. That's so frustrating.

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This guy may be too hardcore for food court employees, but I still think he'll walk away from this with regrets.

Reddit | Frozenflame725

Let's put it this way. I'll be really surprised if he can't taste the chicken grease and little bits of skin floating in that stuff.

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I guess the only reason to worry about this is if it's still on the porch every day after Halloween.

Reddit | Professional_Year

Especially if they actually take it off on October 31st and then put it right back when November hits. That's how we know it's a warning.

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Oh, boy. I have a sinking feeling that this bathroom won't look so spotless for long.

Reddit | PrinceK15

Under the wrong conditions, even peeing right-side-up can be a little messier than we expect. I'm just worried that both he and whoever mops this up will be left with broken hearts.

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If this school lunch doesn't look that bad to you, let me tell you about that weird block.

That's supposed to be milk. And no, not cheese even though it's probably closer to it by now. I mean actual milk that you're supposed to drink from a carton.


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When so many sharp objects are involved, this man's gonna need something with a little more traction than Crocs.

Getty Images | Rainer Fuhrmann / EyeEm

I don't know, maybe I'm just frazzled because I didn't think that box of blades was in the background at first. That could've been bad.

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Uh...yeah. Unless this person's got another driver in their pocket, they're making me very nervous right now.


Granted, those two bottles aren't open, but the beer already is, so I'm not sure how true that'll be for long. Yup, getting pretty nervous.

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Is it just me or does it seem like somebody got Idris Elba mixed up with a weird Vegas magician?

Instagram | @Kalesalad

I feel like if he swishes his coat a certain way, a bunch of doves will fly out. To be fair, I don't know that Idris can't do that.

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It's a little hard to make out, but this lady is apparently watching TV while she's driving.

Reddit | blckholehorizon

Which is...pretty low on the list of things you want to do while you're controlling a few tons of metal.

And that list does also include photography, but I think this was taken from the back seat.

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