20+ Lifehacks That Could Be The Solution To Your Problem

Got a problem? Then I might just have the solution for you in this list of handy hacks and tricks.

I just love lifehacks, even if they aren't useful for my own life. It's just so much fun to see people cleverly solve problems.

Even if they won't solve one of your current problems, they're still good to know, because you never know when you or a friend might just need them.

1. Prevent messy fingers with chopsticks.

Reddit | GrahamSlam

Obviously, this is perfect for stuffing your face with Cheetos during a late night study session, but it'll work for pretty much any sticky or powdery snack that you don't want to get all over your fingers.

I may need to pick up a set to keep in the office, because I get snacky while writing but really don't like messy fingers anywhere near my keyboard. Years of using a white Apple keyboard made me very aware of how gross it can get.

2. Instant oatmeal packets act as their own measuring cup.

Reddit | julesfried

This isn't so much a "hack" as a "Why didn't I know this sooner?" It's especially helpful if you're making breakfast away from home, like at the office or maybe a hotel room. Because any meal you can make by just adding water is classic hotel food.

This may vary by brand, but be sure to check the packaging for your favorite because it could save you the trouble of finding a measuring cup.

3. Use a cutting board as a lap desk when you're using a laptop in bed.

Reddit | Miriamus

True story: I'm writing this on my couch, bundled under a quilt and using a pillow and blankets to prop up my laptop. I should probably go get a cutting board from the kitchen...

Piling blankets up may give your laptop the right height to work comfortably, but those same blankets can block the fans and cause the machine to overheat. A cutting board can act as a makeshift lap desk and allow the computer to vent properly.

4. I love this idea for a backyard sand pit.

Reddit | [deleted]

Growing up, there was a small playground behind my house that used white gravel as the base. It looked like giant kitty litter and was used that way by every cat that prowled nearby. The gravel looked nice, but once you got close, you realized how disgusting it was.

With this idea for a backyard pit, kids can play for a long time without worrying about getting too much sun, and parents can rest easily knowing the sand isn't full of cat poop.

5. Shuck corn the easy way.

You know the drill. Corn on the cob season arrives, you buy a big bunch, and then spend forever peeling off the husks layer by layer, and then trying to pick out any of the stringy fibers left behind. For something so tasty, it sure is a pain to prep before you even start cooking.

Instead of peeling those husks, cut off the stem end. Then tip the whole cob up and slide the husk right off. Done!

6. Get rid of the stink with some tea bags.

Imgur | Fairieslotsoffairies

We all do our best to not let our stuff develop that skunky odor, but sometimes we forget our gym bag at the office or get caught in the rain and our wet shoes get that mildewy, sweaty scent. Ew.

If that happens, you don't need to buy a fancy deodorizer. Instead, stick a couple of dry tea bags into those stinky places. They'll soak up the bad smell and leave a nice herbal one in its place.

7. Use some toilet paper to stop an automatic flush.

Reddit | captbadass26

You know exactly what I'm talking about. You're in a public restroom, casually doing your business, when suddenly the auto-flush triggers and you end up with a wet butt.

I guess it's tough to calibrate those sensors. Too hard to trigger and the next person gets a surprise. Too easy to trigger and you get wasted water and wet bottoms.

So before sitting down, put a piece of toilet paper over the sensor. Then when you're done, just take it off to trigger the flush.

8. Use a pair of plates to easily cut cherry tomatoes.

Slicing up small, round cherry tomatoes can be a fun challenge, but you can also end up with them rolling onto the floor or bloody fingers.

Instead, sandwich the tomatoes between two plates and run a knife through the gap. Not only will you protect your fingers, but you'll finish a whole batch in one go. Press down just enough to keep the fruit from rolling, but not enough to squish them.

This can also work for parents who need to slice grapes in half.

9. Remove blackheads with toothpaste and salt.


No need to buy special cleansers or goofy-looking pore strips to deal with those annoying buggers. Mix a bit of salt with toothpaste and use an extra toothbrush to scrub your nose with the paste.

Don't use your regular toothbrush, because that's gross, dude.

Your skin will be a bit red afterwards. Salt and scrubbing can be expected to cause that, but leave it alone and once the redness fades, you'll find yourself blackhead free.

10. Use a Gatorade cap to turn a jug into a giant water bottle.

Imgur | LittleLebowskiUrbanAchievers

Sometimes a regular-sized water bottle just doesn't hold enough. Maybe you're working out or on a long road trip with few pitstop opportunities. You end up having to ration your water or carry a bunch of separate bottles, which is just a pain in the butt.

You could just fill a jug with water, but then you need to unscrew the cap, which can be dangerous when driving. So next time you have a sports drink, save the cap.

11. Store plastic bags in an empty wet wipe container.

Imgur | Fairieslotsoffairies

You could also use the cylindrical style of container that some cleaning wipes come in for this. Or try the same thing with a Kleenex box. It's way more organized than just stuffing them under the sink.

For easy dispensing of the bags, thread each one through the handle loops of the one below it as you fill the container. That way, when you pull out a bag, it'll tug the handles of the next one up for next time, like Kleenex.

12. Save the bird seed for the birds with a slinky.

If you live in a neighborhood like mine, then you've played the game of trying to keep a stocked bird feeder out of reach of roughly eleventy billion squirrels and chipmunks.

Stop fighting and just wrap a slinky around the bird feeder's post and squirrels won't be able to climb up. Place the feeder in a spot away from trees or roofs they could jump from.

This has the added bonus of letting you watch the furry buggers try to climb.

13. If you don't have a screwdriver, a roofing nail can get that screw loose instead.

Reddit | permantonio

"But who has random roofing nails handy?" I hear you yelling, and yeah. For most people, you're more likely to have that screwdriver than a roofing nail.

But though the specific item is a bit niche, the core of the hack is still really helpful. The head of a roofing nail is basically a flat disk. You may not have this specific type of nail, but look around for anything similar.

And don't forget to check your pockets for a coin that might do the job.

14. Use a wrench to add torque to a screwdriver.

Imgur | LittleLebowskiUrbanAchievers

I have really pathetic wrists and chronic hand pain, so any time the screwdrivers need to be put to use, I'm in for a world of frustration. But even if you're not a weakling like I am, this trick can help with screws that are just too tight to get loose, or help you get them really tight again.

This also works great for when the screw is in an awkward place.

15. Label cords with washi tape and permanent marker.

We've all done it. You need to move a device or swap it out for a new one and you're faced with a power bar full of identical plugs and a rat king of cables.

Never accidentally unplug your modem again by adding label flags to all those identical plugs in your power bar. Using washi tape makes the labels easy to write on, but some kinds of masking tape may work too.

16. Use a binder clip as a toothpaste stand.

Imgur | LittleLebowskiUrbanAchievers

This is a two-in-one hack.

For small bathrooms with little counter space, a big tube of toothpaste can take up a lot of real estate. A chunky binder clip will allow you to balance the tube on its end so that it takes up much less room.

Plus, as you use up the toothpaste, the binder clip can be used to roll up the end of the tube, ensuring that you use every bit of it.

17. Keep a travel-sized container of Windex in the car with a cloth.

Reddit | williamd83

This won't just make it easy to clean your windows on the go, but can also help prevent interior frost in the winter.

Ice crystals need something to form on and bit of dust and dirt are the perfect place. By keeping the inside of your windshield squeaky clean, you can help prevent frost from forming inside.

A good time to do a quick wipe down is when there is a break in the cold weather or if you're parked in a warm garage.

18. Keep extra bibs within reach with a Command Hook.

Imgur | Fairieslotsoffairies

If you've spent any time around an eating child, then you know it's a messy process. You don't even need to be a parent to know this, since I'm pretty sure that your parents have a billion pics of your toddler self covered in spaghetti sauce.

So bibs are important. Bibs are the key to sanity, and if you have a kid, you're going to want multiples within easy reach. A chunky hook stuck right to the high chair is perfect.

19. Keep that Band-Aid on your finger.


I'm allergic to the glue on most band-aids, but sometimes the rash is worth it to keep an injury from getting infected. But if I'm going to put up with the itch, that bandage had better stay on!

Sure, you can buy a box of band-aids specifically shaped for fingers and fingertips, but why let them take your money like that? Instead, two small snips with some scissors will make any regular bandage stay in place much better.

20. Separate eggs with an emtpy water bottle.

It may not be worth it to keep an empty bottle around for the once in a blue moon that you need to separate an egg or two, but where this hack really shines is during holiday baking season.

If you're whipping up treats for home, work, and charity bake sales, you're going to need to separate a lot of eggs, especially if your treats include custards or meringue.

You can suction up multiple yolks is a fraction of the time.

21. Make one bunch of green onions last all season.

Imgur | LittleLebowskiUrbanAchievers

I actually use this hack at home already! Remove the rubber band or tie holding the bundle together and place the onions in a tall glass with enough water to cover the roots and a bit of the white bulb.

Use kitchen sheers to cut off the greens as you need them, rinse the stalks, and then chop them up.

As long as you keep the water fresh and trim off any dried stalks, new greens will keep sprouting for months.

22. Use a binder clip to corral headphone wires.

Reddit | williamd83

Wireless headphone tech is improving by leaps and bounds, but the prices are still pretty steep if you want decent sound quality. And you shouldn't have to replace a perfectly good pair just to stop getting your cord tangled in things while working out or running errands.

Use a small binder clip to hold the cable in place at your collar, and it will even double as a holder when the headphones aren't in use.

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