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16 Proposals So Terrible They Might Actually Be Brilliant

Even though I'm nowhere near that point in my life, I know that getting proposed to is supposed to be a very special moment. Apparently, a special moment means a variety of different things. I don't know if I would say yes to any of these.

1. Well, OK then

Perfect Wedding | Perfect Wedding

This might be plain, but a lot of thinking and contemplation takes place in the bathroom. If somebody's prevailing thought was to spend the rest of their life with you, I'd say you found a good one.

2. It's hard to find the right words

Noteabley | Noteabley

In today's world, it's much easier to express yourself with the help of emojis. 11 hearts is a lot of love to give someone. I only hope there was a fancy dinner afterward.

3. Way to show permanent commitment

Bridezilla | Bridezilla

This guy certainly doesn't have any commitment issues. That's what we all hope for in the end. I wonder what her answer was. The pain of tattoo removal is said to be worse than rejection.

4. A perfect mate for a member of the grammar police

Bro J Simpson | Bro J Simpson

Everyone has a little repair project they like to work on. Who knew that it could be a spouse? At least you know it will never be a dull moment.

5. The force is strong with this one

So Much Viral | So Much Viral

Either that or he's telling you that life will be backward and confusing with him. At least things will be interesting, right?

6. Look on the bright side

Piximus | Piximus

He has a car. He doesn't seem to care how dirty it is. Maybe he won't care about a dirty house? Less work for you.

7. You make beautiful things together

Funny Pics Only | Funny Pics Only

Why not seal the deal with marriage? There is likely to be lots of screaming, crying, and "poopy" moments. But who doesn't have those?

8. That's love

Whisper | Whisper

I'm just not sure who it's for. On the one hand, he states all of that just to prove his love. On the other hand, how far is the real thing?

9. A burger would win my heart too

College Humor | College Humor

The only thing I would do is make sure it had multiple patties and was loaded with extra bacon. Set your standards high, people.

10. You can have your cake and eat it too

Cake Wrecks | Cake Wrecks

There will be times when some things are taken way too literally. At least the cake is one carrot though.

11. He sure knows how to pop the question

Cat Dumb | Cat Dumb

Who else can think outside the box with boxes? They are sure to have a very punny life together...if she even said yes.

12. At least you know what you're getting into

Imgur | nocturnalAA

You can expect things not to get too spicy, as well as a partner who will always be down for Taco Tuesday.

13. There's no connection like this one

Supportive Guru | Supportive Guru

Honestly, be safe and tell them your love is stronger, because a gust of wind could knock my wifi out. And I seriously hope there's a ring.

14. Strong as a rock

Pinterest | Pinterest

I like this one. Everyone hopes to marry their rock and this proposal reflects that perfectly. I just hope the finger rock is a good size as well.

15. A hard pill to swallow

Cat Dumb | Cat Dumb

You're not going to like each other every single moment, but it's the pill worth taking. I wouldn't recommend swallowing the ring (not that I have or anything).

16. The very best

Imgur | nocturnalAA

I'm not settling until someone does this for me. Sometimes you just have to appeal to the inner nerd within your partner. I would be caught pretty much right away.