Another Woman Had To Go To The ER After Putting Gorilla Glue In Her Hair

Unless you've been living under a rock and don't use the internet, I'm sure you've heard of the epic "Gorilla Glue Girl" story that has gone viral on social media over the last month. While everyone seems to be discussing the story and wanting to know how everything turned out, Gorilla Glue has certainly been on our minds.

It all started with Tessica Brown.

The TikTok user shared a video where she used Gorilla Glue spray instead of her typical hairspray when she ran out. The result? Her hair was glued to her scalp — literally.

After days of trying to get it out, Brown ended up in the hospital.

She ended up needing to have surgery to remove the Gorilla Glue after numerous home remedies and treatment in the ER failed. She actually had to have cosmetic surgery and now is in recovery.

Of course, Gorilla Glue issued a public statement.

Speaking out on Twitter, the company said that the product is not attended for hair, as the warning label says, "Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing." Though, they did wish Brown the best with her recovery.

Now, after the story of Brown gained so much popularity, others are following her mistakes.

Another TikTok user has decided to also use Gorilla Glue in her hair, and we're not 100% why they would do so, after this story had gone so wrong.

Avani, another TikTok user, shared a video of putting Gorilla Glue in her hair.

In a video, Avani shares that she cannot "comb" through her hair and it doesn't move, as you can see how stuck the hair looks to her scalp already.

She also ended up going to the hospital as well.

In a series of TikTok videos, Avani ends up going to the hospital to get help after her scalp began to burn and itch from the Gorilla Glue.

However, the hospital was unable to help.

Instead, Avani tried using coconut oil, leave-in conditioning treatment, and other home remedies to get the glue out.

It seems she hasn't had much luck.

It seems that no matter what, this glue is still stuck on her head, and, unfortunately, not coming out too easily.

However, people online were confused as to why she would do this at all.

Many commented on Avani's videos, confused as to why she would follow in Brown's footsteps seeing how badly it ended for her and the grief she got for it.

We're also slightly curious, too.

In a recent update, Avani shared that she managed to get the glue out.

In a video update on TikTok, Avani credited a coconut oil spray for removing the glue from her hair.

While it seems that Avani is doing much better now, she did suffer panic attacks and pain as a result of the experience. For the last time, everyone: Do not put Gorilla Glue in your hair!