'The Kelly Clarkson Show' Might Be Taking Over 'Ellen's Time Slot

There's no denying that as far as daytime talk shows go, Ellen DeGeneres has long reigned supreme ever since Ellen debuted in 2003. However, there might be a new contender for the throne who could potentially take over not only the ratings but even the timeslot for the show itself!

*The Kelly Clarkson Show* has had some incredible success since it began airing in 2019.

The show quickly became one of the most-watched new daytime talk shows, winning three Daytime Emmys in 2020.

According to Page Six, last month, The Kelly Clarkson Show hit a pretty huge milestone, bringing in the same number of viewers as Ellen.

*Ellen* has been facing a pretty rough year.

Facing numerous allegations of poor treatment of workers and general rudeness or inappropriateness with guests, Ellen DeGeneres and the staff of The Ellen DeGeneres Show have been under harsh scrutiny.

Page Six is reporting that NBC may be looking to replace Ellen's timeslot on the network with The Kelly Clarkson Show instead.

This could be some very exciting news for Kelly!

And of course, for all fans of her show!

What do you think? Would you rather watch Kelly's show, or Ellen's? Let us know whose show you think comes out on top in the comments section below!

h/t: Page Six.