Very Good Dog Saves Abandoned Baby In The Mountains By Barking At Passing Motorist

When Junrell Fuentes Revilla was riding his motorcycle along mountainous roads in the Philippines a few weeks ago, he was just expecting a normal trip.

Instead, a dog began running after his bike, barking like mad. He stopped his bike and approached the pup, who kept on barking and led him away.

Junrell followed the dog to a remote dumpsite and a bundle laying on the ground.

Inside the towel was a squirming baby.

In a panic, Junrell rushed the infant to the nearest police station, where the Department of Social Welfare took them into its care.

The baby was in good health, meaning that it likely hadn't been there long.

When the story was shared on the local news, an animal rescue called Hope for Strays set out to find the hero dog.

After some searching where Junrell had indicated, the rescue didn't find the dog, but instead a man who informed them that the pooch wasn't a stray after all.

In fact, the dog, named Blacky, belonged to the man and his family.

Though relieved that Blacky had a loving home, the rescue realized that the family itself was struggling.

So Hope for Strays put the word out about the family who cared for such a heroic dog, and support began to flood in.

Through partnering with another organization, Hope for Strays was able to bring the family an incredible care package.

In their post, they said:

"Today, with the help of Sir A. & wife, we were able to bring groceries worth 10k, 2 sacks of rice, pet supplies worth 5k, other supplies (goodies & toys for the kids) and 5,000 of monetary help for the family all sponsored by @pawssionproject."

Blacky's heroic act not only saved the life of a baby girl, but it's also brought support to his struggling family.

He's one Very Good Boy.

h/t: The Dodo

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