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Hero Stray Dog Found Curled Up In The Snow To Protect Kittens From Freezing

I think most of us know that the supposed war between cats and dogs is a myth. Species doesn't matter nearly as much as temperament when it comes to peaceful cohabitation.

Cats and dogs don't just tolerate each other, but can actually form loving family bonds.

And if they see another animal in need, they aren't going to left them suffer just because they are supposedly "enemies."

Even so, it's still amazing when we see actual proof of that in action.

On a cold November evening in Ontario, Canada, a driver spotted a dog curled up in the snow.

The dog was shivering and clearly at risk of harm, but didn't seem willing to look for a safer, warmer place to spend the night.

Fearing the worst, the person pulled over to check on the dog.

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Maybe they thought it was injured and couldn't move, but the truth was both more heartwarming and more urgent.

The stray dog had chosen to stay there, having curled herself around five orphaned kittens to keep them warm.

The Good Samaritan called Pet and Wildlife Rescue, based in Chatham, Ontario, who then sent an Animal Control Officer out to fetch the animals.

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Thanks to the dog, who has been named Serenity, and the driver lucky enough to spot them, all five are safe and healthy.

They've been placed with a foster family to be taken care of until they are old enough to be adopted.

As for Serenity, as soon as she's spayed she'll be ready for a forever home.

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She's already had a ton of offers, but the shelter is being careful to find the right family to help her relearn from some bad habits she's gained as a stray.

Some people have insisted she and the kittens be kept together, but finding a single home for a dog and five kittens is almost impossible and could lead to Serenity spending months in a kennel instead of a loving home.

With luck, they'll all get homes in the same area and can visit each other.

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