Wife Becomes Convinced That Husband Is Dying After He Tells Her 'I Think I Was Wrong'

One poor woman has been desperately seeking help and support after her husband admitted he was wrong in an argument. The woman is now convinced that her husband must be dying...or, at least, something must be very, very wrong.

The husband's admission that he was wrong goes against a lifetime of, "being a stubborn jerk," wife claims.

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"It just came out of nowhere," Mrs. Davidson told AA News. "We were having our weekly argument about who was supposed to have put the bins out, as we missed the weekly collection again despite me asking him a hundred times to take it out, when he just looked me dead in the eye and said, 'You were right, I should have done it, I was wrong.'"

Upon hearing her husband's admission that he indeed forgot to put the bins out, and that it was entirely his fault, Mrs. Davidson momentarily collapsed from shock.

She is now convinced that her husband is dying as, "Why else would he do something so out of character?"

The husband told us that he had to get his wife a glass of water and sit with her until the shock passed.

"All I did was admit that I was wrong," he said. "Now she keeps asking me if everything's alright, and trying to figure out if I'm dying, having an affair, or just really sick. I just realized I was wrong and told her as such, she's acting as though her mother came back from the dead and walked through the door."

However, Mrs. Davidson did later confirm that what had happened was more shocking than seeing her dead mother walk the Earth once more.

Mrs Davidson has been reaching out to other wives to ask if they have any experience with husbands admitting they were wrong in the midst of an argument.

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Sadly, no one has come forward to be able to provide any advice to Mrs Davidson, as it appears that a husband admitting they are wrong is rarer than rocking-horse feces.

AA News did manage to locate one woman, called Jenny Donby-Hasty, who claimed that her husband had once admitted to being wrong. In an interview with her, however, she told us, "I think he admitted to being wrong once, but it was so long ago I can barely remember. Come to think of it, I may have dreamt it."

If you have any help in this area, then Mrs. Davidson needs your help.

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Sadly, having found no women who are able to recall a single instance of their husbands ever, willingly, admitting that they were wrong about something, Mrs. Davidson worries that she may never be able to rest easy again without fear of what her husband may be hiding.

If you have any experience of husband's admitting they were wrong at all, be it a husband's confession that they did in fact eat the last of the biscuits, or whether your husband simply admitted to forgetting something important, reach out to us in the comments below and help Mrs. Davidson feel less alone at this troubling time.

Personally, I can't help the definitely-not-made-up Mrs. Davidson, as Walt admits that he is wrong about as frequently as I react calmly to bad news...I guess we're made for one another!


Aunty Acid x.