Quotes For When The Fridge's Betrayal Of Your Waistline Has Been Revealed

Look, I'm not saying that I'm completely innocent in the saga of my Great 2020 Waistline Expansion, but can we all agree that those of us suffering from a bit of lockdown bloat should get cut a little bit of slack?

I mean, half our social interactions these days are literally taking place in Slack so we can extend that to our appearance too, right?

The fact that I have the ingredients for a cheesecake in my kitchen and no one around to help me eat said cheesecake shouldn't disqualify me.

After the last couple of weeks, Amy needs a bit of comfort cheesecake, okay? And she needs to use up her last box of Girl Scout Thin Mints to make the crust.

Because *that* is self-care.

So, too, is the fact that, besides said cheesecake fixings, my grocery order was devoid of other unhealthy snacks.

I went into this with a plan, dammit.

I'm not making light of the long-term health implications of more weight gain in a population already struggling with obesity.

It's simply that maybe a global pandemic, economic and climate crises, and a really stressful American election season are enough reason to let the judgment go for a bit.

People are doing their best, right?

And now if you'll excuse me, I have a cake to make.

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