Fans Roast Kim Kardashian For 'Blackface' After Video Showing Her Pale Hands Goes Viral

The Kardashians are no stranger to drama. Whether it's people commenting about Khloé's face and debating if she's had plastic surgery or it's drama surrounding the fact that the family's been travelling during a pandemic, there's always going to be headlines about the first family of reality television.

Kim is at the center of it yet again after a tweet has gone viral.

The entire Kardashian family is familiar with accusations of cultural appropriation or doing blackface.

The family has frequently been accused of copying or emulating Black women's hairstyles, skin tone, and features.

Kim is facing these accusations yet again after a video she shared to her Twitter page has gone viral.

In the video, Kim takes a brief walk while wearing a brown-toned outfit.

Kim captioned the video with a brown heart emoji.

However, many fans are not pleased with the video or the caption, especially after noticing that Kim's skin tone on her face is a lot more brown than her skin tone on her hand.

Fans immediately began roasting Kim in the replies to the video.

"She's so in denial of her true color of her Skin," one fan tweeted.

"Kim Kardashian hand lookin like a raw chicken foot," another fan wrote.

"ms kimberly did u steal ur hands from a vampire because why tf are they so pale?" added another.

Many fans made direct comparisons between the two skin tones.

What do you think? Has Kim made a mistake by using makeup to make her face appear darker, or are people overreacting to her being tan? Let us know how you feel about this controversy in the comments below!