Chunky Highlights Are The Latest '90s Beauty Trend Making A Comeback

If you're a '90s baby who grew up in the age of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, you know that some of the trends we rocked in our childhood are so very missed. From chokers to big sandals, all the '90s beauty and fashion trends seem to be making a comeback.

One thing is for sure about the '90s — everyone had those chunky highlights.

Every famous lady in the '90s and early 2000s who was popular and in the spotlight had their time with the chunky highlight trend. We all wanted them so, so bad!

It seems like every "it girl" had that look.

From Kelly Clarkson to Lindsay Lohan, all the ladies tried out that chunky highlight trend at one point or another in the '90s.

As with everything else '90s style, it seems our beloved highlights are making a huge comeback.


While we spent most of the 2000s-2010s trying to make ombr├ęs and blend our blonde in, it seems the chunky style is coming back in a huge way.

The latest chunky look includes bold, blonde highlights that are hard to miss.

Girls all across social media are posting their new hair with big, chunky highlights right in the front that frame their face.

The look is one that is trendy and chic.

IGK colorist Olivia Casanova says that the new trend helps to "frame your face" and give you a new, interesting, fresh look.

Major celebrities are also sporting the look, too.

As the trend begins to rise with Instagram influencers and models, some celebrities are also sporting the new, chunky, blonde look, too.

Some even opt for fun, funky colors.

Many girls are going for the edgy look with their chunky highlights, choosing fun colors like neon green and plush pink.

While the look is striking, it's also easy to manage.

With all-over highlights, your maintenance routine is much more involved and requires a lot of up-keep. But, with these front pieces, it takes less time to touch them up.

While the look is easy to do and maintain, it's definitely best to get it done by a professional.

The highlights require bleach and processing, so it's best to get the change done by a professional hair stylist. Bleaching on your own at home can be a huge risk and leaving bleach in for too long can harm your hair and burn it.

Ask your hairstylist for tips and advice the next time you make an appointment!