Quotes For Anyone Who's Already Getting Invited To Summer BBQs

Summer cookouts. BBQs. Potlucks. Whatever you want to call them, I think we can all agree they are a warm weather tradition that we just can't seem to get away from.

Hey, don't get us wrong. We love food, and eating it outside isn't so bad as long as the flies stay away. But when there's the added expectation of having to bring something to one of these gatherings... Well, that's not exactly when we shine our brightest.

These are quotes for people who love summer cookouts, but also simultaneously hate summer cookouts.

Can we all agree this is the most annoying thing ever?


There is still an unopened box of homemade cupcakes to enjoy, Deborah, so if you think you're going to go get a third helping of Janice's seven-layer dip, it's going to be over my dead body.

And I will beat you in a stand-off over this, because you're getting full and sluggish, while I left room for dessert.

This would be one of those times were you really love potlucks.

Watching people devour your last-minute macaroni salad really makes you feel special, doesn't it?

Suddenly it doesn't matter how long you spent agonizing over what to bring, trying to track down all the ingredients on a holiday when grocery stores are traditionally closed, or convincing yourself no one will even like it. All that slips away to make room for unbelievable pride.

Now here's one for those of us who don't exactly excel at cookouts.

Some people bring a dish that wows the crowd. Others show up basically empty-handed and head right for the snack table to dig in to everyone else's offerings.

Hey, what can you do? That's just the way these things go.

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