Loving Aunt Raises Money To Get Blind Niece Entire Harry Potter Series In Braille

There is a point when kids stop wanting to be read to and want to dive into the world of books themselves and eventually, feel ready to "graduate" from the shorter chapter books they can finish in a day to something they can really sink their teeth into.

For the last couple of decades, that gateway into the world of series and simply beefy tomes has been the Harry Potter series.

That was the case with seven-year-old Emrie of Kansas.

Emrie's dad had begun reading the books to her, but she decided that she wanted to keep going on her own.

Except there was one snag: Emrie was born with a gene anomaly that meant she has never been able to see.

However, Emrie had taken to reading braille like a fish to water and so her aunt Katelyn set about finding the perfect Christmas present: a full set of the series, in braille.

It turns out, braille books are rare and Katelyn couldn't even find copies at local library branches.

When she finally located a place to buy a set, there was serious sticker shock. Buying the entire series for Emrie was going to cost more than $1000.

At a loss, Katelyn decided to crowd source the money needed to get that gift for Emrie.

She created a GoFundMe campaign and put the word out.

"The Harry Potter books range from $80- $300 for just one single book, this is a shame as everyone should have access to book! I am hoping with a little help that we can give this little girl the gift of magic for Christmas," she said.

It took less than 24 hours to raise enough money — and then some.

In then end, alongside Emrie's copies, Katelyn will be able to donate five more sets to local libraries.

And most importantly, Emrie was overjoyed to receive her gift!

I could watch the moment she realizes what the book is over and over.

h/t: Bored Panda, Mugglenet