Quotes For When You're Only Keeping Resolutions Due To Technicalities

Well, we're halfway through January now; how many of your resolutions are still standing?

I predict that about five percent of people who read that are feeling a bit smug about their accomplishments right now. The remaining 95 percent is just a mix of people admitting defeat or laughing nervously.

Honestly? I'm in that 95 percent too.

In my (and your) defense: this is probably one of the hardest New Years in a long while.

Sure, we all had some level of hope that putting a hellish year behind us would result in positive changes, but time is a human construct and reality doesn't care about our calendar.

Frankly, it's hard to stick to any new resolution — especially one requiring a new routine — when *life* refuses to be normal.

Oh? Did you resolve to go to the gym three times per week? Sorry, but your gym got closed after an outbreak of COVID-19 was declared on site.

How does willpower compete with the sheer immensity of suck in the world right now?

It doesn't and *that is 100 percent okay*.

So be kinder to yourself. It's not a race and frankly, no one can cross a finish line easily when obstacles keep kicking them in the shins.

Celebrate the small steps and for now, ignore that finish line out in the distance.

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