10+ TV Characters Who Don't Deserve The Hate They Get

There are a lot of characters from our favorite television series that we just love to hate collectively. And, while some of these characters such as Ross from Friends rather deserve this contempt, some of them don't.

When re-examining certain hated characters, it becomes clear that they didn't deserve the loathing from fans.

Here are 10+ TV characters who don't deserve the hate they get.

Emily from *Friends*


While Emily might not have been the most charismatic character, she wasn't really in the wrong.

People were too caught up in rooting for Ross and Rachel that they ignored how horrible Ross was to Emily. Saying Rachel's name at the altar was pretty inexcusable.

Pete Campbell from *Mad Men*


While it's not like Peter Campbell was a good person at all, he wasn't necessarily worse than the other characters, and in fact, seemed to make some improvements on himself as opposed to characters like Don Draper.

However, Harper wasn't as hated by fans.

Meg from *Family Guy*


It's a bit troubling that Meg is treated by fans the same way she is often treated by her father, Peter.

It's a common trope in many of these adult animated series for the father to hate their more progressive daughter but loves their loser son, and it's not funny that fans agree.

Debbie Gallagher from *Shameless*

All of the characters on this show make some pretty awful choices, and they also find themselves in difficult situations that aren't always their fault.

So, while Debbie's choices were often frustrating to watch, they weren't necessarily worse than many of the things her siblings did.

Karen Fillipelli from *The Office*


The reason why fans hated Karen was simply that she just wasn't Pam. Everyone wanted Jim and Pam to get together, and Karen was just an obstacle the show used to keep them apart.

However, she herself was actually pretty great. She was smart and driven, and she wasn't even a bad match for Jim.

Carl Grimes from *The Walking Dead*

There's no denying that Carl could be pretty annoying and that he also made terrible choices, but fans judge him pretty harshly considering he was just a kid who grows up in a horrible world.

He definitely wasn't going to be normal in that situation.

Janice on *Friends*

All of the characters hate her, and her laugh was so annoying. However, while cheating on her husband and Chandler was a bad thing to do, Chandler wasn't always that innocent.

He uses her for sex when he doesn't even like her, and she even does things like help him move. The way Chandler treated her wasn't okay.

Aang from *Avatar: The Last Airbender*

While he's not as hated as some of the characters on this list, Aang is overly critiqued considering he's on a children's show and he's only 12 years old.

He might be a little immature, but that's because he's a kid!

Paris from *Gilmore Girls*

Paris was made to look annoying and like a rival to Rory, but she was kind of cool in her own way.

She was honest, intelligent, and driven, and while she didn't always take the best approach in life, Rory wasn't perfect either.

Skyler White from *Breaking Bad*

A lot of the hatred of Skyler seems to be rooted in sexism. While Skyler isn't perfect by any means, any person in her situation would be upset having to deal with Walter White as their husband.

And, it's pretty messed up that Walter is so beloved by fans despite all the terrible things he did.

Lori Grimes from *The Walking Dead*


While Carl got some hate from fans, it was even worse for his mother, Lori.

It's not that she was the most likable character, but fans hated her a disproportionate amount and seemed to want to punish her for doing her best to survive.

And, the way the series killed her off was just too horrific.

Jim Halpert on *The Office*

Recently, fans have pointed out that Jim and Pam's romance wasn't as perfect as it seemed and that Jim wasn't always a good guy, and this is definitely valid.

However, realistically, he wasn't that bad. Sure, he makes mistakes, but he's obviously a better person than characters like Michael Scott.

Vanessa Abrams from *Gossip Girl*

All of the characters on Gossip Girl do some annoying to even terrible things at one point or another, but the hatred of Vanessa seems unfair.

Fans love Chuck Bass despite him at one point assaulting young girls, so it's a weird double standard that doesn't sit well.

Miranda Hobbs from *Sex and the City*

While more people like this character now than they used to, she has always been seen as the worst of the four main characters.

However, this is totally unfair. Miranda is a smart, successful woman who speaks up for herself, and she isn't nearly as bad of a friend as Carrie often is.

Sansa Stark from *Game of Thrones*


Luckily, more people came around to see how great of a character Sansa was in the end, but the hate she received at the beginning was ridiculous.

She was a young girl who was naive and protected and placed in a cruel world she wasn't ready for. She was assaulted and abused by many people around her, and it's just not fair that she was the one who got lots of hate.