Quotes For When You Get To The Grocery Store And Realize You Forgot Your List

So I'm in the middle of reorganizing my kitchen and last night I pulled all the bags of random herbs and spices out of the back of a cupboard and found myself asking why I had 4 separate bags of ground cumin.

I don't even use cumin that often!

Of course, that exactly why I have so much of it quietly expiring in the dark recesses of my kitchen.

Every time I decide to make a recipe that includes it, there's a 75-80 percent chance that I will forget to check if I have any and then be standing in the grocery aisle and buy some "just in case."

I really wish they'd just sell spices in smaller containers. At least then, I'd waste less when I'm purging cupboards.

This is also the same reason my basement deep freezer is full of bananas.

Whenever I'm shopping, I'm like, "Oh, I'm out of bananas!" and buy a bunch.

Conveniently forgetting that the reason there were none on the counter this morning is because I had to put the last few in the freezer because I didn't eat them fast enough.

There is not enough banana bread in the world to get through my banana backlog.

I swear, they've begun to multiply in there, doubling in number every time I open the freezer to add just a couple more.

It's a banana army. A banana brigade ready to rise up and fight for its freedom from the icy darkness.

And yet...here I am, buying another bunch.

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