Girl Raises Thousands Of Dollars For Homeless Man Who Found Her Grandma's Wallet

Losing your wallet is always a stressful situation. Depending on what's in it, you may just lose some cash or you might end up spending the next few days cancelling credit cards and setting up plans in case of identity theft.

Sometimes, you're lucky and whoever finds it will try to return it, but often, you never see it again.

Sean Currey is a 57-year-old man who has struggled with homelessness for several years.

In order to survive, he often has to resort to picking through dumpsters for discarded food or supplies, but one day in December, he found a wallet. It was a small, handmade one containing a stack of plastic cards.

He could have just left it, but instead he decided to find the owner.

Thankfully, the wallet also contained a business card matching the name on the other ID.

He gave the number a call and reached a very happy Evelyn Topper. The 80-year-old grandma had stopped at a coffee shop and returned home to find the wallet gone. When the store said they didn't have it and it wasn't in the car, she assumed it gone for good.

The store security footage showed her place the wallet in the pocket of her vest, but she'd forgotten to zip the pocket back up.

They met up so that Sean could give her the wallet and she insisted on giving him some cash in return.

But when she excitedly shared the news with her family, Evelyn's granddaughter Mikayla wanted to do more.

For her upcoming 12th birthday parade, she decided that in lieu of gifts, she would ask for donations.

She raised $475 for Sean, which shocked and amazed him.

His current situation is the longest he's ever gone without proper shelter. A handyman by trade, he's struggled here and there for the last five years, but a bout of pneumonia that required hospitalization followed by the pandemic left him living in his car.

He even admitted a brief moment of considering using the credit cards he found out of desperation before he decided to do the right thing.

Unexpectedly, the story didn't end with Mikayla's drive-by birthday parade.

After learning more about Sean's situation and hearing that people still wanted to donate, Mikayla and her mom, Vanessa started a GoFundMe campaign.

The goal is set for $50,000, which they explain will first go towards food and shelter for Sean while he's on the waiting list for a Marin County housing voucher.

As of this writing, the campaign has been active for two days and is about to reach the $30,000 milestone!

The funds raised beyond what is needed for Sean's shelter will be used to partner with him to build some tiny houses for the local homeless community, using his design and construction skills.

It's amazing what a simple act of kindness can start!

If you'd like to help Mikayla reach her goal, you can donate to the GoFundMe here.

h/t: NBC Bay Area, The Press Democrat

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