10+ Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of '90s Movies That Will Change Some Perspectives

It's hard to believe that the start of the '90s was over 30 years ago now as, for many of us, it doesn't even seem that long ago.

A lot has changed since then, but we still enjoy many movies and other elements of pop culture that the decade brought us.

If you love the '90s, these 10+ behind-the-scenes photos from films will delight you and possibly even change your perspective.

Russell Crowe hanging out on set.

This amazing shot shows Russell Crowe battling a tiger on the set of Gladiator, and it provides a new perspective on the movie.

The image captures just how many people and how much equipment goes into filming a big battle sequence, and it's also quite the contract to see the modern technology amidst the ancient costumes.

Filming *Thelma & Louise.*

Fans love this great film about female friendship, so it's lovely to see actresses Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis on set together as they prepare to film a scene.

This image also features actor Michael Madsen and director Ridley Scott.

Brad Pitt on the set of *Se7en.*

Brad Pitt really shot to stardom in the '90s and became a big celebrity.

In this photo, he's seen with director David Fincher on the set of the movie from 1995. The film also starred Morgan Freeman who isn't featured here.

This photo of Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood.

Meryl Streep has been an amazing and influential actress for decades, and here she looks happy and engaged while talking to director Clint Eastwood on the set of The Bridges of Madison County.

Eastwood was the director and producer of the film.

Antonio Banderas having fun on set.

This shot is from the set of the movie Desperado that Antonio Banderas starred in before he became a household name across the world.

It's a cool shot that shows him having fun lounging on the set in between takes.

Anthony Hopkins filming *Silence of the Lambs.*

Here, Anthony Hopkins is shown in his unique prison cell. It's an interesting perspective on a well-known film scene.

Director Jonathan Demme is also in the video as well as other crew members, and it's amazing how great of a performance Hopkins gives considering how much was happening around him.

Macaulay Culkin filming *Home Alone 2.*

There are so many shots to choose from when it comes to the video we are sharing with you here!

A lot went into the making of Home Alone 2, and this video proves just how hard, and how much fun they had while making the film.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on the set of *True Lies.*

This image shows Arnold Schwarzenegger surrounded by crew members and a giant camera while filming is going on.

It definitely goes to show that what we see on the screen is just a small aspect of what's actually happening on the set.

Jon Voight filming *Mission: Impossible.*

While Tom Cruise might have been the main star of the movie, this interesting photo shows actor Jon Voight filming an action-packed sequence in front of a blue screen.

It's a great image that shows just how much is often added in production that the actors don't see on set.

Nicolas Cage on the set of *Face/Off.*

Director John Woo is a movie legend in his own right, and in this picture, he's standing next to Nicolas Cage to make sure he's in the right position for the show.

It really goes to show all the little details that directors have to think about.

Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks from *Saving Private Ryan.*

While this photo might be in black and white, the movie was filmed in 1998.

These two iconic men look quite contrasted here as Hanks is in his military costume for the film while Spielberg is in regular, everyday clothing.

Tim Burton directing *Edward Scissorhands.*

Edward Scissorhands featured two major '90s icons, Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp.

It was also one of the first major movies directed by Tim Burton. He is pictured here on set with actor Vincent Prince.

This picture from the movie *Hook.*

This photo is positively filled with icons. Julia Roberts and Robin Williams are seen looking at footage with director Steven Spielberg.

It's an awesome image that shows the work and also the fun that goes into movie making.

This photo of a young Leonardo DiCaprio.

This adorable image shows a young and adorable Leo DiCaprio being carried by James Madi while they were on the set of The Basketball Diaries.

While it's not one of DiCaprio's well-known movies, his career really started to take off around this time.

This snapshot from the set of *Jurassic Park.*

Jurassic Park was a mega-hit, and it's an exhilarating thriller. However, in this calm photo, actors Laura Dern and Sam Neill are just chilling next to director Steven Spielberg.

This photo is just really cute, and we love to see these rare moments.

Robin Wright and Tom Hanks taking direction on the set of *Forrest Gump*.

I don't think there's anyone who would argue that Forrest Gump isn't one of the most emotionally powerful movies of the '90s.

Since Jenny and Forrest never actually sit on the bench together in the movie, I wonder what they could be talking about?

Just a bunch of kids having fun on the set of *The Sandlot*.

The Sandlot was a right of passage for many kids who grew up in the '90s. I learned my first curse words watching this movie!

Which I'm just now realizing might not be the most glowing endorsement for parents...

Tom Hanks and the rest of the cast jamming out on the set of *That Thing You Do*.

The guys in That Thing You Do were really playing their instruments during filming (or at least they tried to).

As soon as everyone arrived on set, the first thing Tom Hanks sought out to do was to make them learn how to interact and play as a band on stage.

Tim Burton having a chat with Michael Keaton and Michelle Pfeiffer while filming *Batman Returns*.

So clearly this was taken either before or after the pivotal rooftop kiss scene between Batman and Catwoman.

Of all the things I could and should be wondering, the bulk of my questions revolve around Tim's choice of shirt and hat.

Johnny Depp with director Terry Gilliam on the set of *Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas*.

What possible direction could Terry be giving to Johnny other than "I'm going to need you to completely flip your [expletive] in this scene."

Hmm, now that I think about it — that's probably exactly what was said.

A classic scene from *Good Will Hunting*.

It must be incredibly difficult as actors when you're supposed to immerse yourself in these incredibly private character moments, yet the room is filled to the brim with the crew.

I love this movie so much that it might be time for another go-around.

Steve Buscemi running lines with director Quinten Tarantino for *Reservoir Dogs*.

Everyone loves to bring up Pulp Fiction when discussing Tarantino's best work. And by no means am I trying to take anything away from it, but for my money Reservoir Dogs is the far superior film.

Watching Tarantino and Steve run lines is electric.

A look from behind the camera during *The Matrix*'s most iconic action sequence.

How does Keanu still have his hearing? I watched this video for maybe two minutes and I feel like I've suffered permanent hearing loss.

The choreography and timing that goes into gunfight scenes are truly incredible.