10+ Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of '80s Movies That Will Change Some Perspectives

Movie magic and a lot of hard work bring films to life. As audiences, we enjoy the final product, but we rarely get to see all of the difficult, behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating a movie.

As such, it's always fascinating to see famous people from films we love at work.

Here are 10+ behind-the-scenes photos from '80s movies that give a new perspective.

1. Carrie Fisher with George Lucas.

Seeing behind-the-scenes photos from Star Wars is always really exciting for fans.

This photo featuring Carrie Fisher and George Lucas on the set of A New Hope is bittersweet for fans who are still mourning the loss of the talented actress.

2. Jack Nicholson on set of *The Shining.*

In this photo, Nicholson is with director Stanley Kubrick next to a computer used to look at the film.

It's a fascinating shot because it shows that things on set were chill and relaxed compared to the subject matter of the movie.

3. Cast members waiting around on set of *Empire Strikes Back.*

In this picture, cast members are waiting around for a photocall.

Many people are sitting on the grass in normal clothes, but the best thing is the fact that other people dressed up as Stormtroopers are also there. It's an interesting juxtaposition.

4. This picture of James Cameron at work.

There's no denying that James Cameron, along with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, was one of the most influential directors of the '80s.

Here, he can be seen with an editing machine which just goes to show how far technology has come since then.

5. Tom Cruise on the set of *Top Gun.*

When watching a movie it's easy to forget how much work goes into getting every scene right.

The director of the film is important in every way, but we usually don't see them at work which makes this a fun photo.

6. Kurt Russell on set.

This moody and alternative-looking photo definitely has a great atmosphere, and it's always interesting to see what the set of a movie looks like off of the big screen.

Kurt Russell is seen on the set of Escape From New York looking both nonchalant and rather cool.

7. George Lucas inspecting a Death Star prop.

This photograph is definitely exciting for fans of Star Wars. Seeing a young George Lucas looking over a small Death Star gives perspective on how long-lasting these movies have been.

It's also a good look at some of the work that goes into making a movie.

8. This picture from *Back to the Future*.

In this image, Michael J. Fox and Claudia Wells act together in a scene from the first movie in the iconic franchise.

Michael J. Fox is definitely another actor who defined the decade of the '80s when it came to movies.

9. Just before the camera rolled for *Raging Bull.*

These cool shots Robert De Niro and other actors on the set of the film which was directed by Martin Scorsese.

It captures them all together right before the scene is about to start rolling, and it's definitely got the feeling of an intake of breath before the action beings.

And this video shows how close crew and cast have to work together.

This video is also from the set of Raging Bull, but it gives a different perspective into what it's like to act on a film shoot.

The camera is right up in Robert De Niro's face. This just goes to show how good actors have to be at their jobs.

10. A glimpse into what acting is really like.

This picture shows Sigourney Weaver and Paul Reiser in the middle of acting a scene for Aliens.

James Cameron can be seen in the shot, too, revealing just how chaotic things can be while actors have to immerse themselves in their characters.

Also, Sigourney Weaver looking really hardcore.

It's no secret that Sigourney Weaver is pretty awesome in her role as Ellen Ripley, and she looks cool both behind-the-camera and on the screen.

Here she is seen with director James Cameron in this rather action-packed and exciting photo.

11. This photo of Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg.

The decade of the '80s brought us some of the most iconic franchises, and Harrison Ford starred in a few of them.

This behind-the-scenes shot shows two iconic people from the business as Steven Spielberg is talking to Ford on the set of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

12. Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford from *Blade Runner.*

Harrison Ford didn't just star in both Indiana Jones and Star Wars as he was also in another iconic franchise.

He was such a powerhouse in the '80s, and here we see him being directed by another important movie-maker, Ridley Scott.

13. Drew Barrymore behind-the-scenes on *E.T.*

This adorable picture shows a young Drew Barrymore hanging out around the offices during filming.

It's a great shot because it shows just how far she has come in her career and as an actress, and it's also just super cute.