10+ Weird Stories From Behind-The-Scenes Of People's Fave Films

If you've seen over 240 movies like Dwight Schrute from The Office, you probably think you know everything there is to know about them.

This includes which actors also auditioned for the role, what constraints the film was under, and even behind-the-scenes secrets that blow your mind.

Even so, you probably haven't heard these 10+ weird stories from people's favorite films.

1. A dead body showed up in a lake on set during the filming of *The Amityville Horror*.

"We were filming, and the police came by and said they were around the water because they said they had discovered a dead body floating around," actor Melissa George told IGN.

"So it was very eerie. We were like, 'Awesome, now I'm much more comfortable shooting this movie.'"

2. There's a famous gunfight that never got filmed in *Raiders of the Lost Ark*.

“The script had a scene in which I fight a swordsman, an expert swordsman, it was meant to be the ultimate duel between sword and whip,” Harrison Ford said in a Reddit AMA.

But since he was feeling sick, he proposed to director Steven Spielberg that he just shoot the guy.

“The poor guy was a wonderful British stuntman who had practiced his sword skills for months in order to do this job."

"But he flourished his sword, I pulled out my gun and shot him, and then we went back to England."

3. The director of *The Exorcist* slapped the priest actor in order to get a real reaction from him.

This Reddit user wrote that they know the priest who played Father Dyer in The Exorcist.

When the director couldn't the emotions from him during the last rites scene, he went to extreme methods.

"Friedkin slaps this priest straight across the face, pushes him on set, and starts the scene. What you see in the movie is that take, directly after the slap."

"The dude had some weird methods but he made one hell of a movie," they continued.

4. A disgruntled crewmember of *Titantic* spiked the team’s soup with a hallucinogen.

This ended up sending over 50 people to the hospital.

Many also came down with colds and kidney infections from the cold, wet conditions during filming.

5. A key scene in *Pulp Fiction* was filmed backwards.

The scene in question was when John Travolta (Vincent Vega) revived Uma Thurman (Mia Wallace) from a heroin overdose by taking a hypodermic needle and plunging it into her chest.

This was filmed backwards to prevent Travolta from accidentally puncturing Thurman's chest.

“It’s cut so close, you never see the impact, but you see right up to it," said Jason Bailey, author of Pulp Fiction: The Complete Story of Quentin Tarantino’s Masterpiece.

6. James Cameron drew that charcoal of naked Kate Winslet.

While it's really cool that Cameron is also a talented artist, it's weird to think of him drawing Kate naked...

In 2011, it even sold for $16,000 at a movie memorabilia auction by Premiere Props.

7. Paul Rudd was almost killed during *Clueless*.

The night before filming at the Bosstones party, Rudd went out for dinner with some friends.

Afterward, a man jumped out at the group and put a gun next to Paul's head. He goes, 'You don't think this is a real gun?'" Paul said in an oral history of the film.

8. The cast and crew were constantly vomiting during filming of *The Texas Chain Saw Massacre*.

Director Tobe Hooper told SXSW.

“The last day of shooting went on for like 26 or 27 hours. Maybe even longer because I had to shoot an actor out. And it was the last prosthetic job on Old Granpa, and he was melting."

He went on to say that since the lights were so strong, they started cooking the bones.

"So every time I’d say cut everyone would run to the window and puke, throw up. A doctor had to come out and administer dramamine to help settle people’s stomachs."

9. Christopher Nolan planted 800 acres of real corn for *Intersellar*

Weird or genius? You decide. The director went this route instead of just using CGI.

"We really wanted to get some sense that this corn was being farmed somewhere that it shouldn't be," Nolan said.

Since where they filmed (Calgary, Alberta) doesn't farm a lot of corn, they had to go to extreme lengths to make it happen.

They ended up using a farmer's land to plant 350 acres of corn and then another 500 acres at another farm.

10. Christan Bale almost ruined his career after going on a rant during *Terminator Salvation*.

In leaked footage that fans will never forget, he can be heard going off on the film's director of photography for accidentally ruining a shot.

He has since apologized for the incident, saying that, "I acted like a punk ... I make no excuses for it."

Since he gets so into his roles, he added that he was "half Christan" and half his character there.

11. Daniel Craig sliced off the tip of his finger while filming *Quantum of Solace*.

“It wasn’t as extreme as all that. I was bleeding a lot. I had to get it cauterized," Craig told Playboy.

"Filming stopped and everybody went, ‘Oh God! He sliced the end of his finger off!’ They went looking for it, but couldn't find it.”

12. *The Shawshank Redemption* had to go to extreme lengths for the scene where a guy feeds a maggot to a crow.

"The American Humane Association made them find a maggot that had died of natural causes to feed to the crow. They wouldn't have given the "no animals were harmed in the making of this film" at the end if they hadn't." - Redditor Noah-R