10+ Movies Rated PG-13 That Should Have Been Rated R

Rating a film isn't always black and white. True, there are guidelines; rules, and structures that must be followed. But as the old adage goes: rules are made to be bent, and sometimes — broken.

Recently, I started thinking about the movies from my youth, movies that I was definitely far too young to have watched. Have a look and check out these 10+ movies rated PG that definitely should have been rated R.


Spawn was one of the first attempts at portraying a dark and gritty comic book-inspired anti-hero. It was originally rated-R and scenes had to be cut in order to obtain a PG-13 rating.

This film is a violent revenge fantasy flick, dripping in the occult and the macabre.


The whole movie revolves around the 'Other Mother' trying to lure Coraline into an alternate reality, so that she may sew buttons into her eyes thus trapping her soul for all eternity.

And this is supposed to be a kids' movie?

*Mrs. Doubtfire*

If you were a child of divorce in the '90s, then you were likely made to watch Mrs. Doubtfire about a half-a-dozen times — I know I was.

And while it makes a noble attempt at tackling the subject matter in an honest way, it has some pretty backward ideas regarding sexuality, gender, alcoholism, sexism...

*Who Framed Roger Rabbit?*

Jessica Rabbit said it herself: "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way."

There's a lot to unravel in that seemingly simplistic statement. I'm just not so sure that 10-year-olds are going to be able to unpack it.


I don't care what anyone says: Jumanji is a horror movie. In fact, I'd even make the argument that when you compare it to classic slasher-flicks like Hellraiser or Friday the 13th, it's as scary if not even more so.


Do you remember when Dana tries to seduce Venkman, as Zuul? Did anyone else think that the entire scene was just a tad unnecessary?

Those are some pretty adult themes for kids to be subjected to, wouldn't you think?

*The Dark Knight*

The only person I know to ever kill a man with just a pencil (other than the Joker) was John Wick.

Though I don't know if I ever remember ol' Jonny Boy sticking a razor blade in someone's mouth. Wow, was that scene ever intense.


Are you serious? Who in their right mind would have given Taken a PG-13 rating?! It's literally a movie about a revenge-fueled father going about the globe torturing people.

The Breakfast Club got an R-rating, for goodness sake! Is this a joke?

*The Secret Of NIMH*

I'm speaking directly to the parents when I write this: do not show your children this movie. It will scar them for years, believe me I know.

Just look at how terrifying Nicodemus is — and he's one of the good guys!


I think I was seven when I saw Gremlins for the first time. After that, I couldn't sleep with my guinea pig in my room for three months.

I was sure it was going to transform and eat me in the night.

*Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom*

First of all, the scene with the bugs is enough to warrant an R-rating in my mind.

But for the less squeamish, perhaps watching a voodoo priest pull a man's still-beating heart from his chest before your very eyes may be cause for discussion?

*The NeverEnding Story*

Yeah, I'm just going to come out and say it: The NeverEnding Story might be the most depressing 'kids' movie' that's ever been made.

There's also a shocking amount of nudity and one very graphic death scene in the Swamps of Sadness. I miss you Artax...

*Jurassic Park*

How many people have to be eaten alive before a film gets slapped with an R-rating? I don't have the answer, but it's clear that Jurassic Park pushed that envelope to its very limit.

I still shudder when the Dilophosaurus spits its venom.


BA-DUM! Just two little notes were all it took to create one of the most terrifying villains in the history of film.

I myself would have thought that witnessing a man being disemboweled by a gigantic Great White shark would warrant an R-rating. Apparently, the MPAA disagrees.

*Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery*

There are so many reasons why Austin Powers should have been rated-R. It's without a doubt one of the raunchiest comedies to come out of the '90s, bar none.

Do you remember this crude sexual encounter with Alotta Fagina? It's cringeworthy.