Fans Discuss Their Unpopular Opinions About DC Movies

Superhero movies have become one of the defining cinematic aspects of the new Millenium, and it's largely thanks to two characters: Superman and Batman.

And while most of us are in agreement when it comes to the big things in the DCEU, there are plenty of contrarians out there. See what I mean and checkout these fans discussing their unpopular opinions about DC movies.

Thanks Reddit!

Steppenwolf's design in *Justice League* wasn't all that bad.

It was a serious step up from how Doomsday looked in BVS, that's for sure.

I never had any serious gripe with Steppenwolf's design at the time, nor do I now.

Bane in *Batman & Robin* is more comic book accurate than Bane from *The Dark Knight Rises*.

Christopher Nolan took a lot of creative liberty when it came to portraying Bane on film.

I'm not knocking Tom Hardy, but I'm not kidding when I say that Joel Schumacher does a better job of getting it right than Nolan does.

The DCEU's Barry Allen is a poor man's version of Spider-Man.

I can understand where this Reddit user is coming from. The one thing that the DCEU sorely lacks is humor, especially when compared to their Marvel counterparts.

They tend to milk Barry for all he's worth.

Superman had no choice but to kill Zod.

This was a huge violation of comic book canon and it left an incredibly bitter taste in many fans' mouths. At the end of the day, Superman just does not kill.

But Zod was a special exception. Had Clark not put an end to the evil general, millions would have perished.

Gal Gadot is a bad actress.

Gal Gadot is an action hero. She's at her best when she's running through brick walls or saving the world from some evil alien horde.

I love her as Wonder Woman, but I can't necessarily picture her as anything but.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor wasn't that bad.

When you compare Jesse to Kevin Spacey or Gene Hackman, there's an argument to be made that he's the best actor to ever portray the character!

I think if they had shaved his head from the beginning, there would have been a lot less pushback.

Batman killing people in *Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice* made sense.

BVS was all about portraying Batman as having lost his way. He was a much more violent, brutal, and unforgiving version than we've ever seen.

In this sense, it made sense that he would treat criminals as a means to an end.

Jason Mamoa was a terrible choice to play *Aquaman*.

I would have disagreed, but the point about Jason being perfect for the role of Lobo makes a lot of sense.

Hopefully, with Jason out of the picture, it will pave the way for Ryan Hurst to play 'The Main Man.'

George Clooney was a better batman than Val Kilmer.

Come on, just look at that jawline! George's portrayal of Bruce is unique, in that he doesn't choose to play him as this dark brooding figure.

Which is all anyone has ever done, since the dawn of time.

*Lego Batman* is the best Batman movie that has ever been made.

The Nolanverse is incredible but it's far from perfect. Tim Burton's films have a hard time standing up under today's scrutiny, and let's not even talk about the Schumacher era.

It's an ugly truth, but once you warm up to it, you're left with no other option: Will Arnett is Batman.

Cillian Murphy should have been cast over Christian Bale in *Batman Begins*.

Take a look at these old test screen videos of Cillian Murphy and Christian Bale; the cowl that their wearing is the same one that George Clooney wore in Batman & Robin.

Kate Bosworth is a better Lois Lane than Amy Adams.

Amy Adams was all wrong for the part of Lois Lane. She was entitled, arrogant, and lacked even an iota of chemistry with Henry Cavill.

Seeing the two of them on screen together is painful.

Henry Cavill is a better Superman than Christopher Reeves.

Henry possesses a stoicism to his character that Reeves could never match. Henry's Superman is complex and possesses a much higher level of emotional depth and relatability.

Reeves' 'Big Blue Boy Scout' is a campy caricature that doesn't hold up.

Ben Affleck is the best Batman.

I grew up with Michael Keaton, and I will always love and respect him for what he brought to the mantle of the Bat.

But I'd be lying if I said that I prefer him over Ben Affleck. Bring on the Snyder Cut!

Jared Leto has the potential to give us the best Joker we've ever seen.


Let's get one thing straight: Jared Leto is a generational kind of actor. If anyone can offer a unique perspective to the Clown Prince of Crime, it's him.

Given the right script and the proper director, I have no doubt Jared could elevate Joker in ways we haven't even imagined.