Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Christmas Card Shares Rare Glimpse Of Archie

Our favorite little family has done it again! Meghan and Prince Harry just released their Christmas card right in time for the holiday and lemme tell you, it's the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

This year, the pair stayed one step ahead of the press who tried to photoshop their card last year.

Ever since moving to Los Angeles, Meghan and Harry have been keeping a relatively low profile.

They've made a few virtual appearances here and there, but when it comes to sharing personal photos and updates on their lives, mum's the word.

However, fans of the couple got a special treat this Christmas after they decided to release a Christmas card.

And for once, it didn't cause any drama.

As royal fans may remember, last years sweet Christmas card from the Sussexes was in an eco-friendly GIF form.

Archie was so cute and little and everything about this card was PERFECTION!

However, fans may ALSO remember the card was edited by some publications to make Meghan's face seem more in focus, while leaving Harry blurred out.

It was horrible, and yet another example of how Meghan was treated unfairly by the British tabloids.

Anyone who remembers this won't soon forget the massive drama it caused.

It's not hard to wonder why Meghan and Harry left the royal life behind...

This year, however, Meghan and Harry would be TWO STEPS AHEAD of the press when they released their 2020 card:

In a Christmas message announcing a donation to animal charity the Mayhew, the adorable family shared an illustration that shows the couple playing with their son, Archie, and their two rescue dogs, Guy and Pula.

Naturally, the fans were obsessed with the illustration.

It was sweet, adorable, and truly evoked the spirit of Christmas.


The card shows a rare glimpse of Archie, who is looking more and more like his dad every day!

I truly couldn't be more proud of my favorite little family.

Prince William and Kate Middleton also released their Christmas card for fans to see.

It featured the duke and duchess, along with Prince George, Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte.

Fans also flooded their photo with love, including comments like, "Gorgeous Family! Thank you for spreading cheer this festive season! Happy Holidays to the Cambridge’s!"