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14+ News Headlines That Show How The British Press Treat Kate Middleton Vs Meghan Markle

It is no secret that the British tabloids have been incredibly biased and favorable toward Kate Middleton.

But when you put the headlines side-by-side, their unjustified bullying toward Meghan Markle becomes much more undeniable.

While Kate was praised for eating avocados as a morning sickness remedy, Meghan was blatantly shamed by the exact same publication for it.

Can't a girl enjoy her avocado toast in peace? Damn.

When it comes to spending Christmas away from The Queen, the press has treated Kate and Meghan very differently.

When William and Kate opted to spend Christmas with Kate's family instead of The Queen, the tabloids rushed to her defense. But when Meghan and Harry did the same thing this year, it was called "baffling."

When Prince William and Kate admitted that they preach emotional transparency to their children, rather than "stiff upper lip" royal family tradition, they received nothing but approval from the media.

But when Harry and Meghan initially broached this approach with their children, the media guilted them for it.

Naturally, to protect their brands, Kate and William as well as Harry and Meghan have trademarked products.

However, when Kate and William did it, publications thought it was an absolutely brilliant idea. When Meghan and Harry did it, it was a "cash in."

The Queen was not present at Prince Louis or Archie's christening.

And yet, for some reason, while it was totally acceptable for her not to be in attendance for Kate's son's christening, Meghan and Harry were dragged for not arranging Archie's christening to fit The Queen's schedule.

Both Kate and Meghan are royal style icons — everyone knows that. But these two headlines prove that "Brits prefer true royalty" — whatever that means.

Essentially, Meghan wasn't praised for her style choices because she isn't a "Brit" or "true royalty."

Kate and William as well as Meghan and Harry were both married in old buildings that probably didn't smell all that great.

Although Kate was more than welcome to add a fragrance of her choice to her and William's wedding venue, Meghan was refused by the palace for trying to do precisely the same thing.

It is apparently customary for the duchesses to wear a hat when they meet with The Queen for tea. However, in this instance, both Kate and Meghan ditched that tradition.

This publication didn't mention that Kate wasn't wearing a hat in their headline, they simply complimented her outfit. But, of course, they made sure to call out Meghan for it.

While Meghan was pregnant with her son, Archie, the tabloids shamed her for cradling her baby-bump.

It's something most pregnant women do instinctually — including Kate, who was applauded for it. But when Meghan did it, she was accused of exaggerating and being "vain."


Again, Kate was painted as a protective, glowing pregnant woman, elegantly cradling her baby-bump.

But Meghan was criticized and accused of doing it "just for a photo op."

I shouldn't have to say this, but it's her body and her baby. She should be able to touch her bump as much as she wants without being slammed for it.

To refresh your memory, Kate Middleton's BAFTA gown in 2019 and Meghan Markle's British Fashion Awards in 2018 were shockingly similar.

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Both were one-shoulder dresses, both looked stunning. Kate's was white, Meghan's was black. Apart from their color, they could have very well been the same dress, and this was the press' response to both.

After sitting just feet apart from each other at an event — Meghan with her legs crossed, and Kate's slanted — this is what the headlines looked like the following day.

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Although Meghan wasn't following the royal protocol that prohibits sitting cross-legged, outright comparing her to Kate seems totally unnecessary.

When Meghan wore wedge sandals at Bondi Beach, she was breaking "royal shoe protocol," but when Kate did it, she was commended for making a fashion statement.

It is clear that the British press has some kind of vendetta against Meghan. They shame her for the same things they love Kate for.

In this headline, Meghan wasn't compared to Kate, but to The Queen herself!

Bored Panda

When Meghan was photographed with her hands inside the pockets of her dress, she was torn a new one by this publication. But when The Queen posed with her hands in her dress pockets, it was portrayed as being an adorable, forward-thinking style choice.

This publication even had an issue with Meghan's choice of flowers at her wedding — accusing her of putting Princess Charlotte's "life at risk".

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Meanwhile, they took zero issue with Kate's.

Even without direct comparisons, the headlines about Meghan on her own were often nasty.

Like this one, that really reached to try to connect Meghan Markle to terrorism suspects through her cookbook. How was this a story?

That same reaching attempt was done here with Harvey Weinstein.

Attempting to paint Meghan as someone who gleefully associates with criminals and terrorists is a pretty low blow, wouldn't you say?

Or this one, that really didn't hold back.

Not only are these names mean and unnecessary, it's almost equally as mean and unnecessary to compile a list of names for your headline.

Some were more racially motivated than others.

There was a lot of scare-mongering headlines written about Meghan's family and life before she was famous, and the use of the phrase "straight outta Compton" was not just a coincidence.

After this treatment, Meghan and Harry's desire to be left alone makes a lot of sense.

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Hopefully, the press eases up on Meghan now that they're out of the spotlight!