Deck The Halls This Christmas With Adorable Custom Pet Stockings

As a single adult without kids, let's just say that my mantle — or rather, the ledge under the stairs in lieu of a mantle — looks a little sad this Christmas.

Stockings aren't much fun when you're the only person around to put anything in them, and a single stocking looks so lonesome.

Clearly, I missed the obviously solution that's currently barking at the bunny who lives under the porch: I should get my dogs stockings.

Just imagine how cute it will be with our three little stockings all lined up on the ledge!

Of course, most stockings are sort of a boot-shaped, exaggerated sock, but that's not really suitable for little paws.

Yes, some dogs wear booties, but a) dog booties are not classically "boot-shaped" and b) my dogs once kicked a booty off so hard it bonked my nose.

No booties in this household, under threat of retaliatory pissing in mom's shoes.

So in my quest to find the perfect doggy stockings, I turned to Etsy.

And they did not disappoint.

Just look at these adorable, fuzzy stockings from the shop byPiccio.

The little shape with the plaid paw pads and customized name printed on the trim — I adore it!

Plus, they come in two colors! I'm partial to the navy/green plaid myself.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to keep on searching through Etsy because if my dogs are getting such awesome new stockings, then I need to find myself a nicer one to match!

You can find these stockings and many more amazing items at byPiccio on Etsy.

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