10+ Celebrities Who Had Breakdowns That Unfortunately Went Public

Fame can be fickle. It isn't easy dealing with the pressures of pop culture while simultaneously trying to navigate your own emotional wellbeing. More often than not, celebrities stumble along the way.

Breakdowns are not ideal but sometimes they're unavoidable. Have a look and check out these 10+ celebrities who had breakdowns that unfortunately went public.

Dave Chapelle.

There was a time, not too long ago, where Dave Chapelle was the most sought-after comedian on the planet. His incredibly successful Chapelle's Show was heading into its third season and Dave was offered $50 million to return.

Instead, he dropped everything and went to Africa.

Alec Baldwin.

Everyone loses their temper from time to time, especially toward their own children.

Sadly for Alec, his eldest daughter Ireland just so happened to be taping his entire phone rant. After he'd hung up, she uploaded it to the internet.

Teresa Giudice.

If you're a fan of The Real Housewives, then Teresa Giudice should require no introduction. Her breakdown on the show was nothing short of legendary.

After flipping a table, Teresa screamed "Prostitution whore!" for all to hear.

Nic Cage.

Nic got into trouble for trying to enter a home that turned out to not be his in the first place.

He was wildly intoxicated and was arrested for domestic abuse, as well as public drunkenness after police arrived on the scene.

Paula Abdul.

During a TV interview for American Idol, it became clear very quickly that Paula Abdul was drunk.

She began slurring her words and rambling at odd junctions. She later tried to blame the entire debacle on a technological issue.

Chris Brown.

Chris' emotional breakdown nearly cost Rihanna her life. After an argument became heated and out of hand, Chris struck Rihanna multiple times over.

He was charged and arrested for domestic abuse. his musical career has never recovered.

Amanda Bynes.

Amanda's story should be viewed as a cautionary tale for all aspiring child actors. After rocketing to overnight success, Amanda began abusing drugs and alcohol.

Over the years, she's been arrested time and time again for substance abuse-related instances.

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey.

During their time spent as judges on American Idol, Mariah and Nicki came to blows more times than you could count.

Clearly, there was only room for one diva on this panel. Who do you think came out on top?

Kanye West.

If you ask Kanye, he's never broken down once in his life. If we ask the internet, the answer is drastically different.

Kanye has accused George Bush of not caring about Black people, called slavery a choice, and took an MTV Award right out of Taylor Swift's hands.

Robert Downey Jr.

RDJ has come a long way. In fact, there was a time when many fans didn't think he'd live to see his next birthday.

At the height of his descent into substance abuse, RDJ was arrested while driving naked, in possession of cocaine, and a .357 Magnum.

Michael Jackson.

You don't earn the nickname "Wack Jacko" without doing a few oddball antics over the years.

Unquestionably, the most shocking thing that Michael ever publically did was to hang his newborn baby out of a hotel window in Berlin.

Winona Ryder.

Winona got into some seriously hot water when she was found guilty of shoplifting! Make no mistake, Winona's crime was serious.

When all was said and done, she was charged with theft over $5000 and came very close to being sentenced to jail.

Tom Cruise.

To this day, I still don't understand what could've possibly possessed Tom Cruise to behave in this manner. Not to sound rude or insensitive, but I thought he'd legitimately lost his mind.

Judging from the look of terror in Oprah's eyes, I think she agrees with me.

Britney Spears.

Britney Spears had one of the most infamous falls from grace that has ever been. In an incredibly strange turn of events, the Pop Princess wound up shaving her head.

She then attacked the paparazzi with an umbrella.

Charlie Sheen.

All I need to say is "winning" and you all know exactly what I'm talking about.

Charlie Sheen infamously came to blows with his boss, Chuck Lorre. It resulted in Charlie being fired from Two and a Half Men and produced one of the most bizarre television interviews of all time.