Fans Discuss Their Unpopular Opinions About 'Friends'

Friends is one of the most beloved and watched series in the history of television.

It was a staple series of the '90s that continues to reinvent itself year after year for new audiences around the world.

But a historic rise such as Friends' isn't without its share of controversy. We did some research (thanks Reddit) and found out some unpopular opinions fans have about Friends.

Monica proposing to Chandler was cheesy.


The candles, the charade, all of it just felt forced.

Chandler also happens to be one of the least romantic characters on the show, so why would Monica go through all the trouble of creating a giant fire hazard in her apartment?

Joey was the most neglected and under developed of the entire *Friends* cast.


It seemed like everyone eventually grew up, all except for Joey.

Which is a shame, considering he had arguably the most potential out of any of the bunch to work with.

Rachel never should have gotten off the plane.


You're telling me that she threw away her dream job for Ross? The most selfish person on the face of the planet? Come on Rachel, you deserve better than that.

Why couldn't Ross have gone to Paris?

Joey and Chandler should have ended up together.

This would have been a huge stretch, considering how inherently homophobic a lot of the humor in Friends actually is.

Still, the love between these two best buds was palpable. Without a doubt, Chandler and Joey are one of the best TV bromances, ever.

Chandler and Rachel's was the best friendship to watch.


It was very seldom that Chandler and Rachel ever had adventures of their own, but when it happened it always delivered laughs.

Like the time they ate a cheesecake off of the floor together in the hallway.

Ross is homophobic.


Shortly after the birth of Ben, Ross becomes enraged when he learns that Ben's favorite toy is a Barbie doll. Later on in the series, he presumes Sandy is gay solely based on the fact that he is a male nanny.

Ross has some serious issues.

Ross is a terrible father.


To say that Ross is absent from Ben's life is a huge understatement. Ben didn't even warrant an invitation to Ross' wedding in London, for goodness sake.

And when Emma was born, where was Ben? Probably asking Carol "Why doesn't my dad love me?"

Ross and Rachel were on a break.

I mean, they were — right? Rachel said the words "a break from us." Was it responsible behavior for Ross to go and sleep with the first woman he came into contact with? Of course not.

But did he betray Rachel? Technically, not.

Emily was right to ask Ross to never see Rachel again.


What was Ross expecting? He said the wrong name at his own wedding!

Who in their right mind would allow their partner to continue a 'platonic' friendship with someone they clearly still had latent feelings for?

Janice wasn't annoying.


Janice wasn't annoying, she was freaking brilliant. That shrill voice, that nasally laugh, and a catchphrase that could stop you dead in your tracks: "Oh. My. God!"

Janice is easily one of the best characters in the history of Friends.

Ross is funnier than Chandler.

Don't hear what I'm not saying: Ross isn't wittier or more sarcastic than Mr. Bing. But what Ross does manage to do is to get himself into infinitely more hilarious situations and debacles.

Like the time that his leather pants shrunk while he was on a date.

"How you doin'?" is a lame catchphrase.


I don't agree with this, I'm just telling you what I've heard. And the word on the inter-web is that people don't think "How you doin'" is all that funny.

It sounds insane but it's true.

"Smelly Cat" is a bad song.


This is definitely another case of 'don't shoot the messenger' because I am a "Smelly Cat" fan.

The only thing wrong with the song, in my opinion, is that it only has one verse.

Richard and Monica should have gotten married.


Of course, Monica loves Chandler — that goes without saying. But can we honestly state that she loves him more than Richard?

I want to believe it, but I'm not so sure. That mustache is one heck of an aphrodisiac.

Rachel and Joey make more sense than Rachel and Ross.


Joey never cheated on Rachel. He was never jealous, judgmental, or cruel.

Fans may have had a hard time coming to grips with the initial shock of their relationship, but given the proper time, I think they could have been great.