10+ Storylines From 'Friends' That Were Never Resolved

While Friends might not be a new show by any means, it's still one of the most popular sitcoms ever.

New generations of fans have come to love the show after it ended up on streaming platforms, and this has both new and old fans alike looking at the show and all its little details.

Here are 10+ storylines from Friends that were never resolved.

Where did Gavin go?


Gavin was often a jerk to Rachel, and their romance wasn't meant to last.

However, the weird thing was that he was trying to get Rachel's job. So, why did he just go away after they weren't dating? He wasn't seen at Ralph Lauren after, and this wasn't explained.

Chandler going to Yemen.


In a desperate move to get away from Janice, Chandler gets a ticket to Yemen and has to get on the plane so Janice will see he's really gone.

But, then, we don't see or hear anything about what happened in Yemen or how long he was there. He just came back in the next episode as if nothing had happened.

Why did Joey stop sharing food?

The joke that Joey doesn't share his food is well-known, but it wasn't always that way.

There are a couple of times in the earlier seasons where he shares food with Chandler and also Phoebe.

So, did something happen before season ten that made him refuse to ever share food? Or, did he just not want to share with a date?

What happened to Marcel?


Many fans today are understandably concerned about the storylines involving Marcel. While Ross definitely shouldn't have had an exotic pet like that in NYC in the first place, fans were left with questions.

There was a storyline where Marcel was in a movie, but many want to know what happened to him after that.

Joey's sister and her baby.


While this definitely wasn't one of the best storylines on the show, fans still wonder what happened to Dina Tribbiani.

She asks Rachel for help to tell Joey that she's pregnant, but we don't really know if things went okay with her life and her pregnancy. It was just a one-off episode.

Their future as friends.

For fans who watched the Joey spin-off, it's made clear that Joey wasn't really friends with the group anymore.

This leaves a lot of questions about how much the group was still involved with each other's lives and why they wouldn't care as much about Joey anymore.

The Joey and Rachel romance.


Sure, the show tried to wrap this up by saying they were just good friends and that kept them from romance, but it wasn't a great way to resolve this storyline.

It was messy and a bad idea from the start and they made Joey seem really in love with Rachel only try to brush over it all.

The truth of Phoebe's backstory.

Phoebe definitely didn't have the easiest life, and over the series, viewers learned different, wild things that had happened to her.

However, these things didn't always add up or were left unexplained. For example, we never got to learn how she got her life on track after living on the streets.

Why did Rachel and Monica stop being friends?

Viewers got to see over the seasons that Monica and Rachel were close friends in high school and even part of college, but in the pilot episode, it's explained that they had lost touch.

In fact, Monica wasn't even invited to Rachel's wedding which made many fans wonder what happened between them to get to that point.

Phoebe's dad disappearing again.

Phoebe's dad leaving her family had a tragic domino effect. When she finally meets Frank after he goes to Phoebe's grandmother's funeral, he then disappears once again.

While this might make sense given his tendency to abandon his family, it's not really explained.

Monica's issues with her mother.


The Gellers always favored Ross, and they were pretty awful to Monica.

Monica didn't get along well with Judy at all, and there were many scenes showing this conflict.

However, the storyline was mostly dropped in Judy's last appearance in season ten. Did they actually patch things up?

Phoebe's brother isn't in the later part of the series.


Frank Jr. is around a lot in the early seasons, and Phoebe even carries triplets for him and Alice!

Given that they seemed relatively close, it's weird how the character pretty much disappears from the show.

They don't even come to Phoebe's wedding!

Phoebe's mother also disappears.


Poor Phoebe. She spends so much time trying to find connections with her family members only for them to disappear with no explanation.

After meeting her birth mother, it seems like she will be around more. But, while she does appear in a later episode, she then goes away like all of Phoebe's family members.

What happened when Rachel didn't go to Paris?

Many fans feel Rachel made the wrong choice by getting off the plane and giving up a dream job for a man who wasn't great to her.

Also, fans never got to learn what happened to her career or if she was officially fired.

Ben just sort of...went away.


Ben, Ross and Carol's son, was around sometimes in early seasons, and then the show seemed to forget about him.

Ben never even met his half-sister, Emma, and fans still don't understand why Ross seemed to suddenly not care about his other child.

It was a big misstep on the show's part, and fans definitely wanted to at least get a final season with Ben and his moms to see how they were doing.